10 Best Non-Battle Shonen Anime

It was early July announced on Twitter that part two of the popular anime series Spy x Family was due out in October. The shonen anime had its highly anticipated part one released in the spring and immediately became a favorite for many anime fans in 2022.

While shonen anime are usually thought of as battle-packed stories with lots of fight scenes and a range of combat tactics, there are many that aren’t. There is a range of excellent non-fighting shonens that are loved by fans.


Spy X Family

Initially released in Spring 2022, and with a part two on the way, now is the perfect time to jump on the Spy x Family train. The shonen anime follows an undercover spy who, as part of his cover, marries and adopts a daughter to blend in and stay hidden.

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Despite being centered around an action packed track, Spy x Family mainly revolves around the family dynamics between father, mother and daughter. Each of them has an important secret that they hide from the others and they try to make the family work without their secrets being revealed.

Your lie in April

A beautiful tragic story of hope and love, Your lie in April is a far cry from the combative shone that most fans think of when they hear the genre. The anime revolves around piano prodigy Kousei Arima, who loses his ability to play the piano after his mother dies.

Full of emotional punches and themes of overcoming past trauma, Your lie in April is a tearjerker who constantly has fans who need tissues after watching. The central relationship of Kousei and Kaori Miyazono, who tries to help Kousei find freedom in life and in piano playing, is the main draw of the anime, and a nice shone for fans looking for a little less action in their viewing experiences.


A constant favorite among all animes, Obituary stands out as a great non-combat shonen that still has just as much power when it comes to intensity and action. Found by the clever shonen anime protagonist Light Yagami, the title book can be used to kill anyone, anywhere, any way, just by writing in it.

While fighting is not central to Obituary, there are fierce battles of wits and intelligence that take place throughout the two seasons. Yagami, whose father is a police officer who heads the task force investigating the murders, must find ways to covertly continue his murders without his father or the world-renowned independent investigator, L.

dr. stone

After all humanity is turned to stone, Senku Ishigami tries to rebuild the world using his adept scientific knowledge. dr. stonethe anime that follows Senku’s journey to rebuild humanity is a fantastic shonen anime that focuses not on fighting, but on scientific creation.

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One of the biggest attractions of dr. stone for fans, his journey is through the history of scientific progress. Viewers can watch Senku and his muscular friend Taiju Ooki figure out how to free others from their petrified state and attempt to rebuild the technological landscape from scratch.


The real-life Netflix anime. takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals beastars looks into a world where herbivores and carnivores live uneasily side by side. The tension is taken to a new level at Cherryton Academy when Tem the alpaca is killed and eaten by an unknown carnivore.

While Tem’s death is intense, the shonen anime focuses mainly on the life of student and wolf Legoshi, who throughout the show struggles with his feelings and his animalistic instincts as a carnivore. This inner struggle is the true central theme of beastarsmaking for a very entertaining and thought-provoking watch.


Following the story of an ambitious manga artist duo, Bakuman takes a unique look at the making of manga and the unlikely pairing of two high school students. After largely giving up on his dream of becoming a mangaka, Moritaka Mashiro is sought out by writer and classmate Akito Takagi to partner up and write manga.

While not your average brawl, there are plenty of intense moments in the manga creation and main character dynamics. There is also the relationship of Mashiro and Miho Azuki, his crush, which has the makings of a great anime romance as Mashiro Azuki promises she can voice the main character of their manga in an anime adaptation should it happen.

Food Wars!

Featuring some of the best anime chefs at the center, Food Wars! makes for an incredibly unique shonen experience for anime fans. The show follows the life of Souma Yukihira, who longs to take over from his father at the family restaurant. After his father suddenly closes the restaurant, Souma finds himself enrolled in the Totsuki Culinary Institute, where food wars – culinary battles where the best dish wins – are commonplace.

While there are plenty of fights inside Food Wars!, it’s hardly the deadly sword-style combat that shonens fans often envision when they think of the genre. Souma must do whatever it takes to cook to survive at the Totsuki Culinary Institute and win the food wars he’s been locked into.

Slam Dunk

High school drama, romance and sports make for an incredibly entertaining shonen, despite not being about fighting. Slam Dunk follows Hanamichi Sakuragi, a high school student who hates basketball because a girl chose a basketball player over him, but chooses to join the team after falling in love with a basketball enthusiast.

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Sakuragi’s incredible athleticism and his journey to love the sport he hated are elated by fans of the 90s anime series. The main conflict of these shonen takes place on the basketball court, and the dynamism and excitement of the field can be as entertaining as an epic sword fight.

Detective Conan

The story of a high school detective who finds himself in the body of a seven-year-old after a case goes wrong. Detective Conan makes for an incredibly intriguing mystery shonen anime. The story tells the story of Detective Conan’s journey to undo the effects of his condition, and solve the cases he manages to along the way.

While fight scenes are the major draw of most shonens, Detective ConanThe primary focus is the mystery in the individual cases that Detective Conan is trying to solve. Viewers tend to get caught up in the intrigue and start trying to deduce who the culprit might be, making it just as, if not more, a fun watch than combat honens.


Focusing on Shoyo Hinata and the Karasuno High School volleyball club’s quest for national success, Haikyuu!! is an incredible watch for sports shonens fans. Hinata tries to make his mark at Karasuno High School as he follows in the footsteps of his volleyball inspiration, Karasuno’s old ace, The Little Giant.

The battles that take place in Haikyuu!! takes place on the volleyball court, where much of the series takes place. The intense three-set matches between Karasuno and their rival high schools are as nerve-wracking as any fight within a battle. The show also focuses heavily on the Karasuno team’s company and how they interlock, adding another non-fighting layer.

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