10 Best Manga Storylines Since Broly That Anime Fans Missed

The Dragon Ball franchise is hotter than ever. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is one of the biggest movies in the world and a new anime should be around the corner. But there are so many types of fans. Some fans just watch the different anime and some read manga for example. The Dragon Ball Super anime ended in 2018, but the manga continued.

So far, the manga has gone through two full arcs since the end of the anime and the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Some fans may not be aware of the important developments that have taken place between Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero because they are waiting for the anime to adapt them.


10 moro

The first enemy to fight the Z fighters after Dragon Ball Super: Broly was Moro. Moro was an ancient and powerful being who defeated the Grand Supreme Kai. Longtime fans may remember that the Grand Supreme Kai was the one who ate Majin Buu to create his fat form. He had the power to devour planets and absorb the powers of any warrior.

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Moro escaped and the Galactic Patrol recruited Goku and Vegeta to try and stop him. It was a tough battle as Moro was mainly powered by magic which was not easy for the two Saiyans to fight. Moro became so powerful that he became Earth itself before Goku could defeat him.

9 Vegeta on Yardrat

Not only did Goku get a cool new outfit from planet Yardrat, but he also learned one of his most iconic movies, Instant Transmission. He learned it on Planet Yardrat before returning to Earth after beating Frieza in Dragon Ball Z. But during the Moro arc, Vegeta decided to go to Yardrat and see what else the species could learn there. There Vegeta learns Forced Spirit Fission.

Since the people of Yardrat are not physically strong, they learned to control the energy of the mind and passed this technique on to Vegeta. This training allowed Vegeta’s attacks to become stronger and his new technique allowed him to separate the energies that Moro had taken from Moro himself. This allowed Vegeta to make Moro much weaker.

8 Merus

One member of the Galactic Patrol turned out to be much more powerful than the others. Not only could he defeat Moro, but he was able to display powers that rivaled Goku and even the gods. Turns out he was an angel in training. Merus was sent into the universe to learn from it before joining his place among the angels.

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Merus was able to train Goku in the art of Ultra Instinct before Whis got wise and told him not to. Merus was forbidden to interfere with his angelic powers, but he could not resist the temptation. He ended up using his abilities to buy Goku some time before he was erased from existence for violating the angelic law.

7 Ultra instinct perfected

Fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime will no doubt remember that Goku eventually achieved Ultra Instinct to stop Jiren, but it was thanks to Merus that he was able to perfect it. He still has a long way to go, because there’s more to it than a simple power-up. Goku continues to prove why he is one of the strongest Saiyans in Universe 7.

Ultra Instinct played an important role in defeating Moro, but it came with a time limit. Even Moro was able to hone the ability after touching Goku, but he wasn’t as adept at it as Goku. When Goku received a divine power-up from a young Uub, he was able to use his chi to project a giant image of himself and master it to defeat Moro once and for all.

6 Ultra ego

While their still rivals, Goku and Vegeta are on different paths to gain strength. Vegeta no longer wants to reach the same heights as Goku, but instead his own. Beerus teaches him the ways of the Destroyer gods and even begins to teach him the special technique known only to Destroyers.

This training leads Vegeta to a new form successful Super Saiyan Blue. It uses different energy than Ultra Instinct, so he calls it Ultra Ego. Unlike Ultra Instinct, this form is much more primary and much more focused on attack than defense. It’s a perfect new form for Vegeta and a perfect way to steer Vegeta on its own path instead of constantly following Goku’s lead. Just another way for Vegeta to prove why he’s one of themdragon balls best characters.

5 Another set of Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Super introduced the Universal Dragon Balls that were the size of planets, but the manga just introduced a fourth set of Dragon Balls. Unlike the other three, it only takes two balls to summon the dragon instead of seven. This dragon comes from the planet Cereal and was created by the Namekian tribe who settled there.

This dragon fulfilled Granolah and Gas’s wishes to become the strongest creatures in the universe. Unfortunately, it comes at a higher price than the other dragons in the universe. To accommodate these wishes, the lifespans of both fighters were drastically shortened. With the unveiling of this new set of Dragon Balls, came the revelation that Namekians did not originally come from this plain of existence, leaving their true origins unknown for now.

4 Granolah

The planet Cereal was home to the Cerealian before Frieza and his Saiyans destroyed it, leaving Granolah and his Namekian guardian Monaito alive. Granolah became a bounty hunter and a powerful warrior in his own right. Hearing that Saiyans were still alive, he wanted to become the strongest fighter in the universe to take revenge.

A group known as the Heeter Force set him on the path to kill Goku and Vegeta, which he almost did. It wasn’t until Monaito revealed the truth about his survival that Granolah decided to help Goku and Vegeta kill the real villains, the Heeter Force. Granolah’s entire revenge arc is an anime fans must watch.

3 Goku remembers Bardock

Monaito finally got through Granolah’s bloodlust by telling him that a Saiyan named Bardock was the one who saved him all those years ago. For some reason, Bardock grew tired of all the death and destruction and wanted to save Granolah. Bardock left behind his scout who had a recording of his last fight with the youngest of the Heeter Force named Gas.

After hearing Bardock’s words, Goku is struck by the memories of his parents that he lost all those years ago when he came to Earth. Since most of him on Planet Vegeta were in a pod, he could only see images of his parents. But this extended its new origin from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. It’s a tender moment and one that probably should have happened a long time ago.

2 Gas

The Heeter Force was a group that secretly worked with Frieza while he was in power. They were the reason Cereal was attacked by Frieza and left Granolah an orphan. The youngest person in the group was Gas, who was also the strongest. After his defeat at the hands of Bardock, he vowed to become the strongest being in the universe, and he did.

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Thanks to a wish similar to Granolah’s, Gas became the strongest creature in the entire universe, but it shortened its lifespan to just a few hours. Even the combined power of Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah couldn’t stop him. In the end, it was a last-minute intervention by Frieza that caused him to invade.

1 Frieza Black

Frieza is an imminent threat in the background of Dragon Ball Super since his second resurrection at the end of the Universal Tournament. The Granolah bow brought him up a few times and Elec, the leader of the Heeter Force, had summoned him to Cereal so Gas could finally defeat him. But it turns out that Frieza wasn’t in the universe when Gas and Granolah wanted to be the strongest in the universe.

Frieza had apparently trained for 10 hours in a hyperbolic time chamber on a distant planet, which meant 10 years to him. When he showed, he immediately killed Gas and turned into a new form that passed his golden called Frieza Black. After immediately showing his powers, he left and said he had better things to do than kill Goku and Vegeta now.

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  • Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

    Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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