10 Best Husbands From The 90s Anime, Ranked

If there’s one thing anime fans love more, it’s their loyalty and adoration for their favorite characters. However, some characters are special and stand out from the rest in the hearts of fans. These characters are the ones that fans consider their “waifus” or “husbands.” Pretty much any character can be considered a waifu or a spouse, but there’s no denying that some rank higher than others.

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While there are many incredible modern characters worthy of the “husbando” title, there have been husbands in every decade of anime to date. The 1990s were a wild and great time for anime, and it is above all a decade filled with tons of man-worthy anime guys. As one of the most iconic classic anime characters of all time, many of these ’90s husbands surpass even modern standards.

10 Mamoru Chiba Is The Suave & Mysterious Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

Everyone loves protagonist Usagi Tsukino from the classic series Sailor Moon. However, her ill-fated love interest Mamoru Chiba has captured just as many fans’ hearts. He’s tall and mysterious, and despite his initial rudeness, there’s just something about him that makes him very attractive.

As Tuxedo Mask, he is gentle, handsome and even more mysterious than before. While he may not be the strongest or even the most helpful, everyone is weak to Tuxedo Mask’s charms. He is one of the most iconic husbands of the 90s anime and many fans adore him to this day.

9 Ashitaka is the cursed prince of Emishi Village (Princess Mononoke)

Despite the title, Prince Ashitaka is the main character of the Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke. He is the handsome and brave prince of Emishi Village, who is cursed after killing a demon at the beginning of the film.

He is very strict and serious, determined to do whatever it takes to cure himself of his curse. While he can be ruthless when needed, Ashitaka has a kind nature deep within him, which especially shines through after he meets San. He is an iconic Studio Ghibli character and one of the earliest Studio Ghibli husbands.

8 Shinichi Kudo is a famous young detective (Detective Conan)

Shinichi Kudo is the teenage detective prodigy and protagonist of the classic ’90s series Detective Conan. Despite his young age, Shinichi is astute and highly skilled in deduction, being known as the “police savior” for the many cases he has solved single-handedly.

Although he spends most of the series in his childhood form, under the alias of Conan Edogawa, many have come to see the two as separate characters. That said, Shinichi is an iconic ’90s character, and his intelligence and wily detective work make him a beloved husband that fans still adore today.

7 Vash The Stampede Is An Iconic 90s Pacifist (Trigun)

Trigun is an iconic 90s anime with an equally iconic protagonist. Vash is the lovable hero of the series, known across the country as a ruthless villain named Vash the Stampede. With a $60 billion bounty on his head, Vash is considered one of the most dangerous criminals of all time.

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In reality, however, he is nothing but a gentle goofball. Despite the rumors, he is cheerful and kind, and he absolutely refuses to kill his enemies. From his style and strength to his quirks, there’s nothing about Vash that fans don’t love. With the upcoming reboot, Trigun is back in the spotlight and Vash’s popularity is slowly returning.

6 Heero Yuy is the cold and stoic protagonist (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

There have been many gundam series over the years, but Mobile suit Gundam Wing is one of the most popular of all time. It was a gateway series for many fans outside of Japan, and many still have a fondness for it even decades later. One of the most iconic characters of the series is the always stern protagonist, Heero Yuy.

For much of the series, he appears cold, cruel, and sometimes even a little terrifying. However, as the series progresses, it is revealed that he is actually a very nice and loving person. He takes his role very seriously, making him one of the strongest pilots and a force to be reckoned with.

It’s no surprise that Dragon Ball is one of the biggest, most popular anime franchises of all time. It is recognized worldwide and adored by fans of all ages. As the face of the series, Goku is easily one of its most beloved characters, and even non-anime fans know who he is.

He’s one of the most famous anime guys of all time, so it’s safe to say he ranks pretty highly among 90s husbands. From his quirky and naive personality to his immense, divine power, there are plenty of reasons. why fans love goku. To this day, many adore him and consider him the strongest anime character of all time.

4 Kenshin Himura is the legendary Hitokiri Battosai (Rurouni Kenshin)

Before the start of Rurouni Kenshin, the titular protagonist was feared throughout Japan as the legendary Hitokiri Battosai, known for his brutal swordplay and many murders. However, the Kenshin fans they are introduced to are the furthest from a killer.

Determined to atone for his past atrocities, Kenshin Himura has built a peaceful life as a wandering samurai, using his sword only to defend and never to kill. Despite his past, he is gentle, polite and gentle, making for a sweet character that fans still love today.

3 Kurama is a handsome and charming fox demon (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kurama is one of the more complicated characters in Yu Yu Hakusho. He was born as a human named Shuichi Minamino, but shortly after his birth he was fused with the spirit of the silver fox demon known as Kurama. As he got older, Kurama first took control of his mind.

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With his inherited demonic powers and gentle human features, Kurama has grown into a handsome and charming young man. He is so beautiful that he has even been mistaken for a woman before. During the run of the series, he was one of the most popular characters, thanks to his abilities and good looks. With the coming Yu Yu Hakusho live-action series, it will surely become popular again with new fans.

There are many iconic characters everywhere Neon Genesis Evangelion, but few can compare with Kaworu Nagisa. He has less than ten minutes of total screen time in the original series, and yet he is one of the most wildly popular characters in the entire franchise.

Many claim that he is also one of the most important, despite his miniscule amount of screen time. In these few minutes, Kaworu influences the series in a way that changes it forever, and his role influences every facet of the series from then on. He is easily one of the most iconic husbands of the decade and still reigns supreme to this day.

1 Spike Spiegel is the greatest ’90s husband of all time (Cowboy Bebop)

The 1990s was a decade full of incredible anime characters and a lot of guys who are top mano material. But even the best of the decade pales in comparison to the hunky bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel. Cowboy Bebop has a lot of great characters, and that includes the badass protagonist of the series.

It’s obvious he’s an A husband just by looking at him, and many fans are still watching him decades later. From his casual personality to his marksmanship, he’s a character that’s just too cool for words, easily making him one of the best husbands of the decade.

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