10 Best Anime With Animal Protagonists, Ranked

From Mickey Mouse to Daffy Duck to Krypto, animal characters practically dominate western animation. However, Anime has had quite a few animal protagonists over the years. Often aimed at a younger audience, these anime are often comedies or heartwarming productions.

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famous, Dragon Ball originally featured animal characters, as it was an adaptation of Journey to the West, but the series dropped that concept in later incarnations. Even Goku eventually lost his monkey tail. However, other epic anime feature animals as the main characters, which sometimes allows such characters to switch between human and animal form.

10 Princess Tutu follows a duck turned magical girl, with a little swan thrown in

In Princess TutuAhiru, or Duck, is a duck turned into a human by Drosselmeyer. Duck’s human form allows Ahiru to become Princess Tutu. While the audience sees Princess Tutu as a magical girl, characters in the series also see her as a giant swan.

Gold Crown Academy is also filled with an array of animal characters, from cats to goats, who act as teachers and students. Princess Tutu‘s epilogue implies that most of these characters were people who were enchanted. mr. Cat, however, remains a regular cat when Drosselmeyer’s grip on the city is broken.

9 Hamtaro details the secret life of hamsters

Hamtaro is a small hamster who lives with his human owner, Hiroko Haruna, also known as Laura. While not anthropomorphic, Hamtaro and his friends do all sorts of things that people wouldn’t expect hamsters to do.

When their people are gone, the ‘Hamuchans’ or ‘Ham-Hams’ go on various adventures. During hamtaro, the Ham-Hams often spend time in their own secret clubhouse, run by Boss. They even get involved in the adventures that involve human characters. In later episodes, supernatural elements, such as hamsters from a magical candy world, become more apparent.

8 Wolves can project human apparitions in wolf rain

Set in a mysterious future, the wolves in Wolf’s Rain are believed to be extinct. However, they survived by learning to project human forms. All the while, a legend lingers that a paradise that only wolves can find will soon be revealed.

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The moonflower is believed to signify paradise and lures several wolves to Freeze City with its scent. Meanwhile, the Flower Maiden, a creature artificially created from the Lunar Flower, helps the wolves find this paradise.

7 So I’m a spider, so what? Features an unnamed protagonist

In the isekai series, So I’m a spider, so what?, a class of Japanese high school students is killed by a spell and reborn in another world. A nameless girl experiences the misfortune of becoming a spider. Despite this, the little spider not only survives, but also thrives.

As the spider becomes more and more powerful in the new world, viewers discover that the spider in her previous life was indeed a spider. Ironically, as the spider increases in strength, it can take on a more humanoid form like Shiraori.

6 Fruit Basket Reveals The Sohma Family Is Cursed To Become The Animals Of The Chinese Zodiac

In fruit basketTohru Honda is a homeless orphaned girl who is taken in by members of the Sohma family, but she soon learns that the family is under a curse. The embrace of someone of the opposite sex turns members into animals of the Chinese zodiac.

One of the more prominent characters, Kyo, turns into a cat, an animal that folklore says is excluded from the zodiac. Not everyone involved in the curse turns into an animal. Throughout the show, the current head of the Sohma family is the “god” of the zodiac, whose banquet determines the order of the animals.

5 Polar bears, pandas and humans coexist at Shirokuma Café

Shirokuma Cafe is a slice-of-life series that revolves around the titular cafe run by Shirokuma, otherwise known as Polar Bear. The series features all sorts of animals, including Lazy Panda, who complains about his part-time job at the zoo and hangs out at the cafe regularly.

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The sarcastic and unhappy penguin is also a regular. To help explain how establishments like zoos work, people also exist in the Shirokuma Cafe universe. Among them, a human girl named Sasako works in Shirokuma’s cafe.

4 Aggretsuko’s Retsuko is a red panda who suffers from stress at work

Aggretsuko is a josei comedy for adults in the workplace with characters designed by Sanrio, the company known for Hi Kitty. Retsuko is a red panda in his twenties who works as an accountant. All the while, Retsuko has to deal with various problems in her workplace and in her relationships.

When the stress takes over, Retsuko copes with her feelings by performing death metal at the local karaoke bar. AggretsukoThe animal cast also includes Retsuko’s fennec fox friend, Fenneko, and Haida, a hyena colleague who is in love with Retsuko.

3 Beastars depicts a murder that sparks tension between herbivores and carnivores at Cherryton Academy

beastars takes place in a world where animal characters coexist. Unfortunately, conflicts still arise between carnivores and herbivores. Much of the action takes place at Cherryton Academy, home to the terrifying wolf student Legoshi. However, Legoshi is more meek and sensitive than his appearance suggests.

After an alpaca student, Tem, is murdered, Legoshi sets out to unravel the murder mystery. Around this time, Legoshi meets Haru, a dwarf rabbit who has similar problems with assumptions about her appearance. Over time, the two slowly develop complicated feelings about each other.

2 Doraemon is a robot cat, only missing the ears

Viewers may not realize what doraemon should be when they first see him, but he’s actually a robot cat. While Doraemon still has telltale whiskers, robotic mice ate his ears, which made him so sad that he turned from yellow to blue. This makes Doraemon afraid of mice.

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Doraemon comes from the future to help a young boy named Nobita. With the help of various gadgets, Doraemon may be able to save Nobita from the unfortunate reality lurking in the future.

1 Kimba The White Lion is a classic anime series by Osamu Tezuka

Kimba the white lion is a classic series of the famous manga artist, Osamu Tezuka, although the story varies by incarnation. The 1965 series is considered the first anime series to be produced in color. Also known as Leo, Kimba the lion cub becomes the new jungle king after his father dies.

Kimba also strives to fulfill his father’s wish that animals live in harmony and is determined to stop them from fighting. As if the first task wasn’t difficult enough, Kimba must also promote peace between animals and the human world.

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