10 best anime to switch off your brain and enjoy it

There are often incredible ideas in anime that feel like they wouldn’t be impossible anywhere else, but there is also a plethora of diverse genres that give the medium even more freedom. The heights that anime can reach as a medium for storytelling continue to push boundaries and set new standards.

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At the same time, it’s also great fun when anime can act as a way to relax and be lulled into a state of ease rather than a mind-blowing story full of incriminating twists and turns. There is no wrong way to watch anime, but some series are ideal for those who don’t want to be challenged and just want to have some fun.

10 Osomatsu-San is unpredictable parody at its most ridiculous

Admittedly, any gag anime that prioritizes absurdist laughter over linear storytelling is a series that benefits from a disabled brain and an open mind. Osomatsu-san is the satirical modern update of the innocent Osomatsu-kun anime from the 60s and 80s. Osomatsu follows Matsuno’s sextuplets, weaker siblings stuck in a perpetual state of interrupted development.

There’s no telling what’s on the menu Osomatsu, whether it’s a coming of age story about responsibility or a broad genre parody of the gundam franchisee. Nothing is sacred in Osomatsu-san, therefore it’s the perfect comedy to zoom out and let it wash over the audience.

9 Excel Saga pokes fun at every anime genre in the book

Excel Saga comes just as the transition from the 1990s to the 2000s is turning and the surreal comedy is the ideal distillation of the ambitious changes ahead. There is a simple plot for urban domination (the first step to world domination), but the real appeal of Excel Saga is how each episode fearlessly transforms itself into a different anime genre.

This fluid approach helps Excel Saga mock the staples of the medium at a relentless pace. The style and speed of Excel Saga can feel a bit overwhelming which is why it’s best to just enjoy the anime and not question the weird decisions.

8 Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo is an endless celebration of foolishness

There’s a natural chemistry between Shonen series and comedy anime, but Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is essentially a love letter to nonsense and it prides itself on its unusual sensibilities. Hajike, the art of ridicule, is the core principle in bobobo and there is not a moment when the series lets the public forget this.

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The titular character uses powerful nose hairs to fight a follicle-based evil, which is the series’ least strange detail. bobobo succeeds as a parody of the Battle Shonen series, but it also creates a rich universe of jokes that only make sense to fellow enthusiasts.

7 It’s easy to get lost in the elevated outfits and surreal stakes of Kill La Kill

Shakespeare family tragedy fuels the action Killed La Killed, but this is also a series where scantily clad heroines use giant scissors and talking clothes in sanctioned combat displays. There is a story of content in it Murdered La murdered, but it’s sometimes hard to see past all the extreme Life Fiber antics and the fan-service-friendly character and costume designs.

There is an intentional degree of excess that Killed La Killed celebrates and it’s a bizarre mix of inspirations that work in spite of themselves.

6 The Ping Pong Club is lewd, sweet humor that doesn’t try too hard

The ping pong club is a 90s anime that delivers 52 episodes of bawdy hormonal humor in 26 episodes. ping pong clubfunctions to some extent as Japan’s answer to: South Park while young characters get lost endlessly in raw content and strange situations.

ping pong club is all about laughing at his eternal underdogs and how they have no contact with someone who is not part of their disturbing clique. ping pong club is low-hanging fruit, but it’s still incredibly entertaining for those who approach it with realistic expectations.

5 Urusei Yatsura Makes Up His Own Rules With His Alien Invasion Adventures

Rumiko Takahashi is a prolific manga artist responsible for series such as ranma and InuYashaeach of which is no stranger to comedy and surrealism, but neither can rival Urusei Yassura. The humble anime combines real-life follies with exaggerated alien antics.

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Lum’s alien Oni race is full of surprises, and even the anime’s more theological philosophies explored in the later episodes are a one-of-a-kind journey. With a modern reboot of the iconic series on the way from David Production, there’s never been a better time to revisit the nonsensical ’80s classic.

4 Dragon Ball Z is anime junk food that goes down easy

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z is undeniably one of the most popular anime series of all time and a gateway series for many audiences in the 1990s. There are nearly 300 episodes of chaotic battles spread across Dragon Ball Z‘s run, representing ideal content to escape into.

Dragon Ball Z achieves real moments of emotional catharsis for its characters, but there are dozens of episodes that focus solely on combat and heightened transformations. Dragon Ball Z is an entertaining action anime, but it’s hardly high art, and watching the series with lower expectations and a disabled brain is the way to go.

3 Uzaki-Chan wanting to hang out is sublime folly for those who don’t dig too deep

Not every anime series has to reinvent the wheel and Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! is a sublime example of how less can be more and that nothing can beat fun characters and clever writing. Uzaki becomes obsessed with Shinichi Sakurai, an introvert who decides to have a wide variety of friends.

Modest misunderstandings drive most of the comedy and heartfelt romance Uzaki-chan. The anime is well aware that it’s a guilty pleasure to some degree and so the material works best when an overly critical mind is turned off.

2 Gintama is over 300 episodes of hilarious action-comedy antics

Gintama is the extremely rare instance of a long-running Shonen series with over 350 episodes, plus three feature films, and there is no discernible drop in quality. If something, Gintama actively gets better, striking a masterful balance between serious storylines and the most ridiculous forms of comedy.

There is a canon to Gintama that’s respected, as are relationships and deaths that are really at stake, but the series’ self-conscious meta-sensibilities are really unlike anything else. The comedy in Gintama involves nothing sacred, but episodes will also play out as storyboards, MS Paint animations, or through photographs of mannequins.

1 Pop Team Epic mocks anime, storytelling and even its audience

If there’s one anime that is actively trolling its audience, it’s this one Pop Team Epic and the best approach for any troll is not to get involved. Pop Team Epic delivers frenzied bite-sized sketch comedy where nothing is off limits. There’s a chaotic quality that results in weird stories, genre parodies, and mixed media celebrations that constantly challenge the public’s perception of what qualifies as anime.

In fact, each episode is structured so that the entire item repeats itself, albeit with minor changes made the second time around, such as changing the voice actors.

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