10 best anime girlfriends, ranked

Sometimes a relationship is difficult because of the violent worlds in which the story takes place, and sometimes the relationship is difficult because the boys still have a lot to grow. Sometimes it’s a mix of both. Despite all the ups and downs, anime guys are lucky enough to have these girls by their side.

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There are girlfriends across the spectrum of personalities, some adore (to some degree), and some take no nonsense. Some relationships are constant from the start and some have more of a slow journey. But all these anime girlfriends are amazing and perfect for their partner.

10 Orihime is both responsible and capricious (bleach)

Bleach‘s Orihime is sweet and caring, with an optimistic outlook on life. Her strong sense of responsibility drives her to work hard at school, but that doesn’t stop her from being creative with art and sports. She eventually dates and marries the main character Ichigo, and is adept at empathizing with his emotions.

Orihime genuinely cares about Ichigo and has a kind of soul bond with him, expressing that she wants to be with him as much as she wants to be a teacher or an astronaut. She loves him so much that he is a mainstay in her life, but she doesn’t want to lose her self-image by loving him, which is very healthy.

9 Oblivious Yukina is a nice addition to Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yukina is the beautiful green-haired Ice Apparition in Yu Yu Hakusho. Yukina stands out for her kindness and naivety. Her relationship with Kazuma Kuwabara is incredibly understated, but it’s still there and worth mentioning, as not every romantic relationship has to be very physical, and the two characters care for each other in a very sweet, unique way.

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Yukina mistakes many of Kuwabara’s flirtatious advances for jokes and finds him funny, but there is a special bond between the two to the point where they can communicate telepathically. Yukina shows a different side of the crazy Kuwabara, who fell in love with her at first sight.

8 Sailor Neptune, The Self-Contained Artist (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Neptune, aka Michiru Kaiou, from Sailor Moon has been with her lover, Sailor Uranus, since their first introduction to the public and the rest of the Scouts. The hallmarks of Michiru’s personality are her elegance, self-assurance and artistry.

Sailor Neptune is the perfect counterpart to her friend, Sailor Uranus (aka Haruka). They are a perfect duo of self-actualized people who mutually admire and encourage each other’s talents. While Sailor Neptune is a fairly serious person, Sailor Uranus brings out a more playful side of her.

7 Elektra, the soulful soldier gives anything for love (Cowboy Bebop)

Elektra is an accomplished soldier of the Mars army in Cowboy Bebop and a fiercely devoted partner of Vincent Volaju. Despite Elektra’s best efforts, their relationship was doomed to be tragic because of an experimental military project.

Vincent started to lose his memory because of the experiment, including his memories of Elektra, but Elektra believed in him anyway and went so far as to break military protocol to try and save him. Elektra’s devotion to Vincent was constant and hurt her deeply; they deserved a happier ending.

6 Haruhi doesn’t jump in love easily (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi Fujioka is Ouran High School Host Club‘s main character and at first she is mistaken for a boy by her love interest, Tamaki Suoh. Tamaki soon falls for Haruhi, but Haruhi is sensible and hesitates before becoming Tamaki’s girlfriend, fearing that he is too immature for her.

Haruhi’s affection develops over time, but if she is sure of her feelings, she is brave enough to communicate those feelings to him when she thinks the time is right. Haruhi exemplifies an admirably mature approach to relationships.

5 Sypha never misses a chance to roast Trevor (Castlevania)

CastlevaniaSypha Belnades is an idealistic and highly intelligent character who never compromises her sense of right and wrong. She is a scholar and a powerful Speaker. Her partner, Trevor Belmont, is her polar opposite in many ways and her personality makes a good counterbalance to their relationship.

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Sypha is not easily impressed by Trevor, which is a good thing for Trevor. She is an important, albeit playful, ego checker. Her idealistic nature also gives a sense of hope and a bright future to their relationship which exists in a very grim world.

4 Kagome gives pushback to Inuyasha’s animal nature (InuYasha)

Kagome is not easily intimidated by the moody dog ​​demon, Inuyasha. When she gets tired of it, she will literally put him in his place. Kagome has the ability to tell Inuyasha to “sit down” when she thinks he’s being too rude or fussy, and he’ll be forced to slam his face to the ground wherever he is at the time.

Inuyasha is blessed with Kagome, as she is also willing to take risks, such as kissing him when he is in his demon mode, to save him. It’s a shame it took so long for Inuyasha to treat her well.

3 Sweet Tohru Deserves the World (Fruit Basket)

Tohru Honda is the main human character in fruit basket. She is a gentle Cinderella-like character who genuinely enjoys cooking, cleaning and caring for others. It is all the more important that the people around her take care of her in turn. Some viewers think Tohru is polite to a mistake, but there’s a quiet power in compassionate characters like her.

Kyo is just as hard to understand and admire as Tohru is sweet and kind. He handles a lot of guilt about his feelings for Tohru, but strives to earn her affection. Most importantly, Kyo is willing to become a better man. He supports Tohru even when it’s hard for him, and the two have fun together.

2 Mikasa didn’t deserve honor (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman strives to maintain a positive outlook on the unforgiving world of Attack on Titan. Her connection to her love interest Eren begins in their childhood when Eren rescues her after her parents are killed. Mikasa values ​​family and peace; she’s level-headed and always seems to know what to do when things get worse – until the love of her life betrays her.

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She is very attached to Eren and is heartbroken when she thinks he is gone. Just like Eren saved her when she was young, she’ll do just about anything to save him.

1 Complex Mai is the best person for Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Mai is a strong-willed, gifted warrior in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She has a long and complicated relationship with Zuko. She has a deep love for Zuko and when he hurts her, she expresses those feelings to him despite her reserved nature. Like Zuko, she is manipulated by bad parenting, but she tries her best to get better.

Mai loves Zuko so much that she saves him for herself at great cost. However, she is not a doormat as she has no problem setting boundaries with Zuko and communicating what she needs and deserves in a relationship.

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