10 Best Anime Fights of 2022, Ranked

As anime fans look forward to the new releases coming in the last quarter of 2022, many are thinking about the best fight scenes of the year. The last quarter brings long-awaited action series, such as Chainsaw Man’s long-awaited anime debut and My Hero Academias sixth season. However, there were plenty of great fight scenes released earlier in the year that certainly lived up to the hype.

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With great releases like Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc, and new modern classics like Spy X Family, there was no shortage of exciting fight scenes for anime fans to enjoy. As a result, 2022 has already seen some of the best anime fights.

10 Team Shield’s battle against the Spirit Turtle was epic (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

The Rising of The Shield Heroes second season dominated the anime world after its release. The standout fight of the season was when Naofumi and the rest of Team Shield battled the Spirit Turtle. It was a battle of epic proportions, combined with a rocking soundtrack and further enhanced by the incredible voice acting.

Naofumi led everyone into the fray, but eventually took matters into his own hands. The Spirit Turtle was not easy to defeat, and many of Naofumi’s allies were seriously injured trying to take down the titanic beast. Still, Naofumi proved his leadership skills in this fight. He gathered his troops and exceeded expectations by taking out the Spirit Turtle once and for all.

9 Hibiki and Uta’s showdown against the undertakers was visually stunning (bubble)

bubble was one of the most anticipated releases of the spring of 2022. Produced by Wit Studio, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo after the planet was overrun with bubbles, which destroyed the laws of gravity. It is an action packed romantic movie with stunning action.

Hibiki and Uta’s fight against the Undertakers was the standout scene from bubble. It was a fast-paced battle in which the duo flew around and defeated their enemies as Tokyo collapsed. although bubble was controversial among anime fans, the consensus is that the sleek art style, beautiful visual effects, and memorable soundtrack saved the film.

8 Bojji’s fight against King Bosse was the best of the series (Ranking of Kings)

Ranking of Kings has taken the anime world by storm after its debut thanks to its likeable protagonist and unique art style. One of the most exciting battles in the series was when Prince Bojji went up against King Bosse.

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The fight was emotional for Bojji as he faced his father, but he still showed courage and prepared for the fight. In the end, Bojji won the fight and Bosse had to hand over the crown to him. Bojji became the new king after beating the man many believed to be the strongest in the world.

7 Everyone teamed up to fight Kaido and Big Mom (One Piece)

The big showdown where everyone was up against Kaido and Big Mom was one of them One Piece’s most eagerly awaited battles. While they weren’t some of the strongest villains in the series, the combat showed how much the heroes have grown.

The fight took place over several episodes, leaving fans on the edge of their seats the entire time. The Wano Country arc was full of excellent moments, but this was one of the best. Law and Eustass went straight to Big Mom. Then Luffy woke up his Devil Fruit and, next to Zoro, took down Kaido.

6 Arc’s battle against the Basilisk set the tone for the series (Skeleton Knight In Another World)

Skeleton in another world was one of the most popular isekai series that came out in 2022. Arc’s fight against the Basilisk wasn’t as serious as the other fights in the genre, but it was still entertaining. Most importantly, the fight showed that Arc is not like other isekai heroes. Instead of attacking bravely to cut down the Basilisk, Arc struggled to take it down.

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This battle made the fight feel more realistic and cemented Skeleton in another world like a light-hearted isekai series. It was a nice change to see an isekai hero not strong or overpowered from the jump.

5 Loid who tried to fight you when she was drunk was hilarious (Spy X Family)

Most fights in shonen anime are not meant to be humorous, but Spy X Family constantly breaks the mold for what is expected of the genre. One of the most memorable fights of the year was when Yor got drunk and tried to fight Loid when they threw a lavish party celebrating Anya’s success.

As a skilled assassin, Yor’s impressive fighting skills were no surprise to the public. However, Loid was totally taken by surprise. Yor, though drunk, gave Loid a serious run for his money. They weren’t supposed to take their roles as Bondman and Yorticia so seriously, but Yor was excited and eager to get going.

4 Everyone Teams Up To Take Down The Jaegerists (Attack On Titan)

The second part of Attack on Titans the final season came to a head when everyone took on the Jaegeristen. The Survey Corps teamed up with the Marleyan warriors to fight the Jaegeristen, many of whom were former comrades.

The Survey Corps was desperate to stop the Rumbling, but the only thing hindering their progress were the cult-jaegerists. The ensuing battle was a blood-curdling celebration as Survey Corps members took down their former comrades as if they were Titans. One of the most memorable images of the fight was when Mikasa defeated so many Jaegeristen that it looked like it was raining blood.

3 Jolyne’s fight against Miu Miu was a tense moment in Stone Ocean (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The second batch of the Stone Ocean episodes ended with Jolyne’s intense battle against Miu Miu and her terrifying amnesia-inducing Stand, Jail House Lock. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has delivered some pretty stunning battles in the past, but few compare to this epic showdown.

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Jail House Lock causes a kind of amnesia that allows the victims to remember only three pieces of information at a time. Each time a fourth piece is learned, another piece of information is discarded. Eventually, the victim’s brains tire and stop working. In true Joestar fashion, Jolyne used her Stone Free to outwit Miu Miu by creating a portrait of her based on binary codes.

2 Tengen and Tanjiro team up to defeat Gyutaro (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc was flashy, action-packed and censored none of the manga’s grossness. The Upper Moon Six demons, Daki and Gyutaro, certainly lived up to the hype and proved just how terrifying Muzan’s Twelve Demon Moons really are.

Fans had no idea how the fight would end. Tengen and Tanjiro’s fight against Gyutaro climaxed and ended abruptly after the latter saw the former lying motionless on the ground and missing an arm. Meanwhile, Zenitsu and Inosuke thought they had defeated Daki, after which Inosuke was stabbed in the heart by Gyutaro right after. The fight was an absolute nail biter from start to finish. The scene was enhanced with Ufotable’s incredible animation quality, stunning visual effects and a thumping soundtrack.

1 The Night Parade of a Hundred Demons Exceeded Fans’ Expectations (Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

Only anime fans of Jujutsu Kaisen had only heard about Yuta Okkotsu and the infamous Night Parade Of A Hundred Demons as if it were an urban myth. However, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 brought this action-packed battle to life and exceeded fans’ expectations.

Gojo’s showdown with Miguel and Nanami who broke the first record for most consecutive black flashes were commendations from the film, but Yuta’s battle against Suguru Geto stole the spotlight. Towards the end of their fight, Yuta’s curse unraveled and injured Geto so much that he was forced to retreat before Gojo dealt the final blow.

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