10 Anime With Way Too Many Heroes

It is common for anime to have some characters that support the hero’s journey, but some anime have a large cast of characters who are considered main heroes themselves. Even though there is a definitive protagonist that the story revolves around, these supporting heroes are just as important and sometimes save the protagonist.

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It’s a challenge for creators to balance such a huge roster of characters. Some series fail to balance multiple characters and the large cast becomes a negative quality for the show. On the other hand, despite the challenge, other series have found great success, both for the creators and for the fans who watch.

10 Danganronpa needed more episodes to build his big cast

Based on the video game series, the anime danganronpa is centered around a group of high school students struggling to survive in a twisted murder mystery. The group of 16 characters is set to kill each other without getting caught to escape with their lives.

While this is a brilliant idea in concept, an engaging part of the original video game was the interaction and introduction to each character. With only 13 episodes in the anime, there isn’t enough time to delve deeply into each character. Some were left with less development than was needed for what should have been a very layered series.

9 Fairy Tail’s open world didn’t come with the most interesting characters

The Shonen Anime Fairy tale is loved by its fans for its intriguing lore, thrilling battles and a few iconic characters. One of the series’ biggest complaints, however, is the wasted time on other less interesting characters. With such a huge fictional world, it’s no surprise that there are so many heroes to join the party, but some fans feel like there are way too many names involved.

Most of these extra characters passed out and added nothing to the plot, so it became a recurring frustration for some viewers when they came on the scene. Some of these critics aren’t even fans of the main heroes, so the extra cast doesn’t make up for the series’ shortcomings.

8 Detective Conan is constantly introducing new heroes

Since its debut in the late 90s, Detective Conan (also known as Case closed) has aired over 1,000 episodes, gradually introducing multiple heroes to solve the genius crime protagonist in his journey. Despite the great difficulty in balancing a large cast and coming up with new ideas for character development, Detective Conan still adding more names to their character list.

Those who enjoy being challenged intellectually are fans of this ongoing series. This group of anime viewers doesn’t mind the abundance of details, including character development. For them, it’s a tough but overall rewarding aspect of the series, although not everyone will enjoy watching it.

7 Legend of The Galactic Heroes Relies On Layers Of Politics And Characters

For a series that revolves around a large-scale war in the galaxy, it’s no surprise that Legend of the Galactic Heroes has a lot of information for viewers to take in, including a huge array of characters pulling the strings of warfare. The anime has a number of OVAs, movies, and an anime season showcasing the power struggle between multiple leaders and their followers.

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After understanding the details of this fictional universe, viewers must also learn to understand each individual character. With a strong emphasis on dialogue, this series is centered around the actions of the main players, meaning there are many names and personalities to keep an eye on.

6 Naruto Shippuden’s Ensemble Cast Weakening With Each Passing Season

The first part of the Naruto franchise showcased an open world led by its multiple heroes, mainly the Konoha 11. While the focus is always on Team 7, there was an impressive balance of multiple characters during and after the Chunin exams. Unfortunately, like Naruto Shippuden aired, the heroes fans came to love were pushed aside more than ever before.

While it makes perfect sense that every story should have a simple focal point, no matter how many protagonists there are, there are expectations of a series with a large cast of heroes who Naruto Shippuden not met. Perhaps the multiple heroes were too much for the creators to juggle.

5 Murder class leaves most students behind in their lessons and development

While murder class praised for its comedy and surprisingly uplifting scenes, one of the anime’s biggest complaints is its number of disappointing characters. While the idea of ​​an entire class of teenage students making every attempt to kill their teacher is a highlight among the plot concepts, the execution is lacking on some of these characters.

Of all 28 students in grade 3-E, only a few are captivating to watch, while the majority are considered flat. With such an interesting concept, there was a lot of potential for the anime, but those looking for a more balanced ensemble cast should read the manga.

4 My Hero Academia’s poor pace doesn’t help with its overwhelming cast

When My Hero Academia finished the first season, there was a lot of hype for multiple characters, as the creators had done a good job initially building up the potential of certain characters. However, with such a large cast of individuals, there was a lot of googling and the right focus and pace needed to properly balance each individual story with the main plot at hand.

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Shortly after the Sports Festival, the pace started to slow and the direction of the series became chaotic. The creators tried to give every member of Class 1-A a chance to shine, but it felt like one fill arc after another, with fans impatiently waiting for the story to get compelling. By the end of Season 5, the focus on fewer characters has improved the anime.

3 Fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure should remember Joestar’s family tree

The anime franchise Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a unique way of telling. Each season follows a different member of the Joestar family as they fight against evil to maintain peace in the world. Not every anime fan is thrilled with how campy the series can be, but even those who like the style of the series have a lot of work to do with the large cast.

As the story progresses, the viewer has to keep details of past seasons in mind and that requires remembering the journeys of various heroes. Perhaps this adds to the rewatchable quality of the series, but not every viewer will rise to the challenge.

2 Attack on Titan’s character list is constantly changing

When the series first aired, Attack on Titan became known as the anime with the most killed heroes. In a universe with the most formidable enemies, the Titans, and few resources to fight them with, it makes perfect sense that the heroes wouldn’t last long.

Granted, there are some characters that survive the entire series, but that doesn’t mean the newer characters being introduced are just side characters that should be forgotten in the background. Each character in this series is given proper attention, which contributes to the work of those who watch. Interestingly, doing justice to the characters causes a headache for fans who prefer something simple.

1 Takemichi’s many allies are hard to remember in Tokyo Revengers

Time travel is a tricky theme to put to good use in storytelling. The creators have to strike the right balance between simplicity while holding onto the complex notions behind time travel, which, even when executed correctly, are still hard to follow.

Although the plot of Tokyo Revengers has appealed to a wide audience, the back and forth between past and present can be confusing in itself. When time travel is combined with the large cast of characters, viewers may need to take notes with each episode.

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