10 Anime With Way Too Many Characters

Anime with larger ensemble casts is not uncommon, but some shows seem to have too many characters. This anime doesn’t necessarily have to have the most characters. They just need too many characters for their story. While there are anime that can handle a large cast, others have too many characters for the audience to keep up with them all.

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Too many characters in a show can bog down a story with introductions, making background characters seen as redundant to the plot of the story. Other anime with too many characters just have too many people leading to an underdeveloped cast. Whatever the reason, anime with too many characters can turn fans off from otherwise great shows.

10 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks Has Many Players In The Holy Grail War

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks is one in a series of Lot properties over Mages and Heroic Spirits engaged in a war to find and win the Holy Grail. However, this particular show has a lot of players who don’t necessarily follow the rules laid out for previous Holy Grail Wars.

While some old characters are returning for this series, there are many new characters that fans should remember. Most Heroic Spirits are different from previous shows, but some are new. There are also new and old Mages for fans to keep up with. With so many characters, it’s hard for fans to remember what people are fighting for and who’s still in the fight.

9 Tokyo Revengers has characters from the past and present to remember

Tokyo Revengers is a time-traveling anime about a man named Takemichi Hanagaki who discovers that he can travel back and forth between his adult present and his high school past. When he learns of the current death of his high school girlfriend, Takemichi vows to change the past to save Hinata Tachibana’s future.

Since the show has events that take place in both the past and the present, it can be difficult to keep track of who everyone is. Plus, the many gang members and leaders tend to get thrown through the minds of fans — especially when only some are talked about and not seen at first. Time travel is usually hard to follow, but it’s harder to understand with so many characters involved.

8 Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Gets Busy

Kaguya-sama: love is war is a great show with an ensemble cast that initially gets along well with its characters. However, in its most recent season, the show starts adding numerous background characters that are hard to remember and have little impact on the story.

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The show does a fantastic job of giving its main cast motivations and character development. However, with the addition of all the other side characters, the story starts to get a bit muddled. The audience hopes that the coming seasons will follow the student council and their friends as they fight in the battle for love.

7 Yuri!!! On Ice asks fans to remember the other skaters

Yuri!!! on ice follows Yuri Katsuki as he tries to re-enter the world of figure skating. With the help of his coach, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri hopes to win a medal in his upcoming competition. However, it’s the competition where character introductions start to overwhelm fans.

Understandably, the creators want to establish the other skaters in the competition. Unfortunately, there were too many introductions in just a few episodes for Yuri’s big skate. While the other skaters are charming, it was hard for fans to feel attached to many of them.

6 Food Wars! Has many opponents

Food Wars! follows the adventures of Souma Yukihira as he strives to reach the top of the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy. The school’s policy is to resolve all disputes through Battle Royale style cooking competitions. Yukihira easily sends a lot of them, but with so many competitors, it’s hard to keep up with them all.

A talented yet stubborn dinner chef, Yukihira makes many enemies during his time with Totsuki. As such, he is constantly competing with many other chefs in hopes of dethroning him. Invariably, many of the challengers become allies as the show progresses. However, with so many students switching to Yukihira’s side, fans are giddy with the number of characters he encounters.

5 Murder class is full of students

murder class is the story of a class of hapless college students who are tasked with killing their new teacher after he blows up the moon. Though they never waver in their mission, they end up learning much more than they expected. This show is unexpectedly heartfelt – and bursting with characters.

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Overall, the show does a pretty good job developing the characters, but there are so many students that it’s hard to keep up with everyone. During the show, new students and teachers are added, making it much harder to remember everyone. murder class is a great show that everyone should see, but it does have a lot of characters.

4 Attack On Titan Consistently Introduced New Characters

Attack on Titan began as the story of Eren Yeager and the 104th Training Corps. As the story unfolds and the interns move up the ranks, more and more characters are added. While this is often necessary to understand the scope of everything, it starts to get confusing after a while.

Further, Attack on Titan‘s penchant for killing characters makes it much harder for fans to remember who is alive and who is not. The show remains mostly focused on Eren and others close to him, but many fans tried to remember all the side characters who reappear and disappear during the show.

3 My Hero Academia features dozens of heroes and villains, both young and old

My Hero Academia is unique in its storytelling, as it depicts heroes both in the field and in training. However, because it contains so many heroes and villains, things can get confused. Many fans appreciate the different perspectives the story offers, but there are many characters to remember.

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In addition, due to the huge cast, some characters are accidentally pushed aside in terms of development for the sake of the central cast. This is disappointing for the audience, as many side characters are fan favorites. Viewers hope future seasons will feature more of those outstanding characters in My hero academy.

When an anime features a war, there is bound to be an extensive cast of characters. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a really great show about the Elric brothers as they search for a cure for their ailments amid government tensions. Along the way, the brothers fight and befriend many people.

Because of this, the longer Brotherhood continues, the more new characters are introduced. While watching this show, fans must remember a complex web of alliances and betrayals. The large scale is perfect for the story the show is trying to tell, but it can be overwhelming for fans on the first look.

1 Jojo’s bizarre adventure has a big pedigree

The Joestar family is extensive enough to make five seasons over each succeeding generation. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure follows various members of the powerful family as they fight through time against various idlers. Each new descendant meets new and old characters, connecting the seasons.

However, this creates a large web of characters for fans to remember. The Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure adaptation is undoubtedly fascinating in the way it weaves everything together over time. Still, some fans may have trouble recognizing where all the characters fit in the timeline.

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