10 Anime Villains You Can’t Reason With

Most anime villains may be diabolical, heartless monsters, but they are often not beyond reason. Usually they are willing to compromise with the hero, reconsider their position, or follow some sort of plan that will put them in a better position later on.

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There are, however, a handful of opponents that are so blatantly unreasonable that they cannot be negotiated, advocated, or otherwise discouraged. They are so utterly determined to achieve their respective goals or commit atrocities that even the world’s most persuasive orator could not convince them otherwise.

10 The Supreme Deity saw Himself beyond criticism

Seven Deadly Sins

As the leader of the angels in Seven Deadly Sins, the Supreme Deity felt as if the rules that applied to others did not apply to her. She was so firmly convinced that the Demon Clan must be destroyed that she cursed her own daughter for defying her.

In addition, the Most High God sent her four archangels to win Britannia on her behalf. Although they felt comfortable fighting alongside humanity, they didn’t want her to be the best.

9 Mad Pierrot was too broken to change

Cowboy Bebop

Mad Pierrot was easily the strongest villain in Cowboy Bebop. But he probably wouldn’t have wanted it that way. After all, his strength came from a series of brutal experiments that traumatized him to the point of no return.

Although Pierrot took revenge on the people who wronged him, it was too late for him to go back to the person he once was. Instead, he wanders the lonely nights in search of victims to kill, taking precautions to ensure that no one who sees him survives.

8 Spec had no humanity to reason with


Of all the escaped convicts in Bakic,,Spec was by far the least reasonable. Unlike Dorian, he didn’t get caught up in the paradox that he would never be defeated and was so unstable that he shot himself in the cheek to prove a point.

Spec was so driven by a destructive purpose that it literally held his body together despite being in his senior years. After he was defeated by Hanayama, he shrivelled into a parched shell of a man. In the end, Spec’s bloodlust and purpose proved to be a greater force than any underhanded technique he employed.

7 Shigaraki was indoctrinated by All For One

My Hero Academia

After accidentally killing his family at a young age, My Hero Academia‘s Tomura Shigaraki has been adopted by All For One. Throughout his childhood, he was indoctrinated by the villain, who blamed his poor childhood directly on the heroes of Japan.

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As an adult, Shigaraki has deliberately made it virtually impossible to reason with him. Refusing to compromise with any of the heroes, he only played with Re-Destro temporarily so his position wouldn’t be given away. Shigaraki’s hunger for destruction overshadows even his master’s.

6 Kaguya hated humanity for what they did to her


Like most Naruto villains, Kaguya was initially quite reasonable during her first foray on Earth. However, after being betrayed by her human lord, she developed an intense hatred of mortals and conspired against them. After they were unsealed by Zetsu, it was impossible for Naruto or Sasuke to reason with Kaguya.

She was so committed to reclaiming her chakra that nothing they could have said would have changed her mind. Given Kaguya’s role in turning the boys against each other, they were not personally involved in her redemption either.

5 Tonpa’s only drive was to see others fail

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter‘s Tonpa was surprisingly difficult to reason with, despite being one of the weakest villains in the series. He only entered the Hunter exam to help rookies fail, which is almost impressive when you consider how hard it is to find year after year.

During the tower trial, Tonpa deliberately made it so that the heroes would have the worst possible chances. He felt no real sympathy for Gon’s plight and could not be threatened by Leorio. All he wanted was to be an evil man.

4 Nnoitra wouldn’t let his enemies spare him


although BleachNnoitra’s was relatively well put together, he became intensely jealous of anyone better than him. His insecurities became so problematic that they even led to Nelliel being expelled from the Espada organization.

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During Nnoitra’s fight with Kenpachi, he refused to accept defeat, despite the shinigami clearly outclassing him. He was so determined to fight that he prompted Kenpachi to kill him. In the end, Nnoitra would rather die than live with the knowledge that someone was a superior fighter to him. He was killed because of his shame.

3 Yoshikage Kira refused to stop killing

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

After escaping Josuke and his friends for the first time, Yoshikage Kira had a rare chance to disappear into anonymity. This would have made him the first JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure main antagonist to successfully get away with his crimes.

However, Kira could not hide from his nature or addictions. Although he successfully infiltrated a Morioh family, it wasn’t long before he went back to his old habits. In the end, Kira even planned to kill his “wife” when she was convinced there was enough heat off him.

2 Death fueled by the demise of others


CastlevaniaHis death cannot be reasoned by its own nature. An unfathomably evil entity from another realm, he feeds on the end of mortal souls and tries to cause as many murders as possible. To that end, Death proved even harder to negotiate with than Dracula.

At least the vampire showed restraint in dueling his son and remembering his wife. Unfortunately for Belmont and his allies, Death had no such reservations and fought him with his full, unwavering might. It’s a miracle that Belmont survived their fateful encounter.

1 Hody Jones was a violent racist

A piece

During the height of the Fish-Man Island War, Neptune’s sons asked Hody Jones what people did that made him hate them so much. His answer was chilling and memorable – “absolutely nothing.” Rather than suffering directly from humans, Hody was indoctrinated by other fishmen like Arlong to wage his campaign against the surface world.

Since he’s believed all his life that people deserved to die, there’s probably no character in it A piece who could have kept him from his wicked mission. Hody’s radicalism makes him one of the series’ most realistic, if unreasonable, villains.

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