10 Anime Villains Who Love To Be Villains

In the realm of Japanese anime, villains and antagonists can go bad or bad for various reasons, and not all of them like it. Certain anime villains felt like they had no other choice, and some even regretted their mean ways. But other villains really love what they do, and they see rogue as a lifestyle or a source of validation.

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These anime villains are all enjoying their evil lifestyle. They take great pleasure in dreaming of world domination, fighting the heroes, pursuing forbidden power and more. Those funny anime villains wouldn’t be able to do what they love if they were heroes, so even if they get a chance at redemption, they’d rather stay evil.

10/10 Himiko Toga can live freely as a villain

My Hero Academia

The shape-shifting villain Himiko Toga is one of many League of Villains members who signed up for one reason: total freedom. My Hero Academia flashbacks showed Himiko once tried to live in mainstream society and behave herself, but that meant suppressing her true nature. She could no longer wear that psychological mask.

As a villain, Himiko can live freely and be her true, authentic self without restraint. This means that there is no chance of Himiko’s redemption, nor will she ever surrender to heroes or the police. She has too much to lose by giving up her rogue state.

9/10 Jogo enjoys tormenting human victims

Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito is the most evil curse in Jujutsu Kaisen, and his elite minion Jogo isn’t far behind. Like his boss, Jogo is a bloodthirsty curse who despises humanity, and he can’t wait to rid the world of them. To amuse himself and show his disdain, Jogo will often burn other people and like to fight wizards like Satoru Gojo.

Jogo, like Mahito, clearly enjoys living as a human exterminator who makes his own rules. Killing people is his business, and he won’t miss a chance to run off and kill some wizards. However, Satoru Gojo is too strong for him.

8/10 Doflamingo Quixote loves to crush his victims

A piece

Doflamingo Quixote was one of the seven warlords of the sea, and he is also one of A piece‘s most powerful and brutal opponents. Doflamingo is a cruel sadist who likes to put other people in their place, and he ruled Dressrosa with an iron fist.

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Doflamingo believes that power is good, and he likes to prove it in battle. In the Marineford War, Doflamingo had fun using his Devil Fruit powers to turn his enemies against each other. He also laughed wildly at the apocalyptic carnage and bloodshed that surrounded him.

7/10 Marie is an arrogant Himedere

Caught in a dating sim

Caught in a dating simThe protagonist Leon Bartfort may have been a spiteful antihero, but his little sister, who became villain Marie, was even worse. She was somehow reborn in the otome game world as the side character Marie, establishing herself as a total himedere or wannabe princess.

Marie tried to ruin Olivia and Angelica with her tricky antics, and she also chatted with the evil Prince Julius. Marie ultimately failed, but she still enjoyed her isekai life as the well-dressed villain Marie. She even had an inverted harem to enjoy.

6/10 Dio Brando gladly left his humanity

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Blonde villain Dio Brando knew what he was doing when he put on the stone mask JoJo’s first storyline. Dio was desperate to destroy the hated Joestar family, and he enjoyed his newfound powers as a vampire before destroying Joestar’s estate. Then he took things to the next level as a male himedere.

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Dio, later DIO, identified strongly with his vampiric villainy and found it very powerful. Such villainy was his way of escaping the frustrating poverty of his childhood, and he would never go back. He talked about himself very much to the end when he finally lost to Jotaro Kujo.

5/10 Grimmjow Jeagerjaques lives for the hunt


The ten espadas in Bleach joined Sosuk Aizen so they could find rescue, or at least they respected Aizen’s power and intelligence as leader of the Arrancars. A few Espadas were just doing their duty, like Starrk and Harribel, but the 6th Espada, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, loved being a villain.

Grimmjow had a personal mission to prove he was Hueco Mundo’s apex predator, and beating Ichigo could prove it once and for all. Grimmjow also personally likes to fight, especially when he’s fighting a worthy rival. For Grimmjow, combat is a sport, not just a duty.

4/10 Orochimaru Enjoyed Conducting Prohibited Research


Orochimaru is a brilliant scientist, but his brutal, questionable methods forced him out of his home in Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto‘s backstory. This did not stop Orochimaru, however. He was doing this shady investigation for his own benefit, not the village’s.

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Orochimaru was thrilled every time he made a daring breakthrough in his research, and he couldn’t wait to test his new bodies or jutsu. This strong, albeit frightening, passion is what kept Orochimaru going, and it motivated him to do whatever it took to achieve immortality.

3/10 Demon Lord Clayman has too much fun as an Isekai villain

That time I was reincarnated as slime

Rimuru Tempest’s worst enemy in That time I was reincarnated as slime is demon lord Clayman, a well-dressed villain who uses every dirty trick in the book. Clayman is almost cartoonishly evil, and he delights in plotting Rimuru’s downfall or abusing his subordinates.

Clayman had fun imagining Rimuru’s demise, but it never materialized. Instead, during Walpurgis, Rimuru confronted and defeated Clayman, and a horrified Clayman was soon destroyed for good. That was the only time Clayman regretted being a villain.

2/10 Envy likes to deceive people

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Unlike Sloth, who hates work, or Wrath, who feels out of control over his own life, the shape-shifter Envy loves being a homunculus villain in Fullmetal Alchemist. Envy gladly accepts any mission from its creator and boss, Vader, finding ways to torture people in the process.

Envy finds it amusing and satisfying to fool, manipulate and kill people with his tricks. He enjoyed his part in fueling the Ishval Civil War, and he thought it was a riot to shoot Maes Hughes while looking like Maes’ wife. Envy actually boasted more than once about how much fun it is to fool humanity.

1/10 Akaza appreciates a good challenge

demon slayer

Akaza is the Upper Moon 3 in the demon slayer world, and he can’t resist a good challenge. Akaza’s strength as a human was limited, but as a demon he can live forever and fight one worthy adversary after another. Only with the power of villains can Akaza taste and win so many fun battles.

Akakza also tried to get Kyojuro Rengoku involved. Akaza offered to make Kyojuro a demon so they could be eternal rivals and enjoy their feud forever, but Kyojuro refused. With Kyojuro dead, Akaza must find another worthy rival to fight with.

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