10 Anime Series With Way Too Many Villains

Every fictional work, such as Japanese anime, needs at least one antagonist, and some franchises are known for having many excellent villains that the heroes can face in deadly battles. In fact, many anime series have an entire squad or organization of them ranging from the Akatsuki in Naruto to the espadas in Bleachthe League of Villains in My Hero Academiaand the Ten Commandments of The Seven Deadly Sinsamong other things.

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However, after a point, an anime’s story can suffer a bit if there are too many antagonists for the heroes to fight. For example, some villains will have weak character development because there is no space, or some villains may feel superfluous compared to others. And in extreme cases, fans can just get lost or confused when the cast of characters, including the villains, get too big.

10 Bleach’s villains have no room to breathe

Sometimes the hit is shonen anime Bleach did a good job of introducing its villains and fans were excited to meet villains like Ulquiorra Schiffer and Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. However, Bleach got carried away and soon flooded the story with many cannon fodder villains with forgettable designs.

That made the arches of Fake Karakura Town and Hueco Mundo feel like an annoying grind at times, and Bleach only impressed fans when it focused on fewer, better villains instead. Then came the Thousand-Year Blood War arc and repeated that mistake with over two dozen villainous Quincy characters.

9 The cast of one-piece characters, including villains, is overwhelming

Anime fans will have their own opinion about whether A piece is too big and too long for its own good, but it can be said that this is a huge turn-off for casual anime fans. It’s pretty intimidating to get into a run of 1000+ episodes, which means you have to keep up with a lot of characters too.

That’s too much to ask for many anime fans, and it can get too hard to keep track of who’s who, including One Piece’s many different villains. The villains can be introduced at a manageable pace, but in the long run it makes sense, and not in a good way.

8 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Needs Fewer and Better Villains

By now, the concept of “monster of the week” is considered obsolete and cheap by most standards, but JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure embraces it, making the series feel quite repetitive for some anime fans. Fortunately, most of the other aspects of this anime are excellent, but the endless parade of villains gets tiresome.

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This one JoJo villains, appear, fight and then get written out in the span of just one or two episodes, and that happens all the time. The series has standout features like Dio the vampire and Yoshikage Kira, but in between are far too many Stand-using monsters of the week.

7 My Hero Academia has so many villains

Luckily the My Hero Academia storyline regularly chooses its villain characters to make sure the anime doesn’t have too many at once. And a decent variety of villains helps make this superhero anime more exciting. In the long run, remembering all these villains is a chore.

It is already a heavy burden to remember who all the heroes and students are, and it is difficult to remember all the villains, big and small. Casual fans will mainly focus on big names like Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi and Himiko Toga, and forget the rest.

6 The seven deadly sins exaggerate a bit

The Medieval Action Series The Seven Deadly Sins has a bit of restraint compared to Bleach and A piece when it comes to introducing villains, but by season 4, the cast of villains is still a bit too big. By then, it’s hard to remember who’s who, and even more villains are introduced.

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That’s a bit too much, so maybe in hindsight, The Seven Deadly Sins could have shaved the cast of characters by 10-20%, reduced the ten commandments a bit, or eliminated some of the other villains. Or they could have combined a few villains into one character to keep things streamlined.

5 Fairy Tail doesn’t stop adding new characters

Even if the long shonen anime Fairy tale picked up the pace a bit by introducing the villains one squad at a time, the cast of these anime characters eventually grew out of control, and that meant only the most diehard fans could remember who’s who. Having too many villains means that some of them are simply forgotten.

Fairy tale has not one, but multiple bad guy squads, ranging from the Phantom Lord guild to a trio of legendary dark guilds, the elite warriors of Edolas, the Sabertooth guild and even the Spriggan 12 squad. All in all, that’s just too many villains for Natsu and his friends to fight.

4 That time I was reincarnated because a slime has so many characters

The popular isekai series That time I was reincarnated as slime has many things to offer, but this anime probably has too many characters, and fans are expected to remember them all. By extension, that means the anime has a few too many villains.

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Fans have to follow the demon lord Clayman and his companions, the Church/Falmuth alliance, three human isekai villains, Money, Laplace, Tear, Footman, Gelmud and Hinata Sakaguchi, and that’s pretty exhausting to deal with. Some of these villains should have been merged into one character to streamline things.

3 Tokyo Ghoul keeps adding more bad guys

The hit signals series Tokyo Ghou is an excellent story in most respects, but it may have a few too many villains for its own good. The anime and manga both introduce new characters in a quick clip, and some villains feel redundant or underdeveloped as a result.

Villains such as Yamori, the suit-wearing Shu Tsukiyama, and Dr. Canoes are essential, but others, like Noro, the Bin brothers and Madame A, sometimes feel like junk. This distracts the anime from cooler enemies like Ayato Kirishima and Tatara, which are much more fun to watch.

2 Hunter X Hunter sometimes goes overboard

Hunter x Hunter does a lot of things right as an excellent Shonen series, but remembering all these characters is going to be a real headache for all but the most devoted of fans. Each storyline, like Yorknew, Greed Island, and Chimera Ant, adds a few too many new characters to the story.

Some Phantom Troupe members feel underdeveloped, because the better ones take them out of the picture. Then there’s Greed Island and Chimera Ant, where the heroes had a few too many villains on their hands. By now it’s hard to remember more than a few Hunter x Hunter villains by name, because there are so many to juggle.

1 Attack on Titan does not end

The characters of Attack on Titan are pretty cool, but that’s not easy to appreciate when fans have to juggle so many of them. In fact, the line between hero and villain often shifts, so fans have even more villains to keep track of when heroes like Eren and Floch go bad.

The Marley war arc held onto this trend, throwing a handful of villains at the viewer in one go. This included Commander Magath and his Warrior interns, not to mention Willie Tybur and Lara Tyber. Even if a lot of characters die, there are still a few too many bad guys to deal with.

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