10 Anime Powers That Are Way Too Confusing

Many anime titles contain stunning plot twists and mind-bending scenarios that are helpful in mind training. However, some go beyond these phenomena and include power systems and extraordinary abilities that will put anyone on a loop. For example, the powers seen in titles like Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia are quite complicated.

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While some of these transparent skills just don’t make sense to the fans, some go beyond understanding as they take up a lot of mental space. All in all, these anime powers provoke fans to take matters into their own hands as they dig deep into the internet for the answers they need.

10/10 It’s hard to keep up with Goku’s increasing abilities

Dragon Ball

The strongest forces are often the most confusing of all; Son Goku by Dragon Ball is a very authentic example. The hero has countless techniques, from Kamehameha to Dragon Fist, as well as many transformation forms, from Super Saiyan Blue to Saiyan Beyond God.

As Dragon Ball progresses, the hero becomes more steadfast with each episode by learning all kinds of new methods and mutations. The more skills Goku adds to his toolbox, the more confusing it gets for fans trying to keep up with this divine figure.

9/10 Everything gets messed up when Chuuya’s gloves come off

Bungou Stray Dogs

While Chuuya Nakahara’s gravity is pretty easy to understand, it’s his unstoppable version that emerges when he takes off his gloves that takes its toll Bungou Stray Dogs fans. The character is already very overpowered and almost unbeatable with his gloves on as he can manipulate anything and everything he touches, but when the gloves come off he can literally destroy the entire world.

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However, it is not Chuuya who is in control when it happens. It is the god of calamity, Arahabaki, who dwells in him. When Arahabaki takes over, Chuuya can fire energy that acts like mini black holes and create a barrier that destroys everything it touches, eventually possessing powers that are really fractured and slightly confusing.

8/10 Takemichi’s skill requires a little more explanation

Tokyo Revengers

Time travel has always been a very difficult concept, but Tokyo Revengers somehow makes it even more confusing. In the series, Takemichi Hanagaki’s ability allows him to travel in time, but under certain conditions that need a little more explanation.

For starters, at the beginning of the story, Takemichi could only travel through time, but later on his ability depended on an external trigger. Second, he can only go exactly certain years back in time, with the years being a variable for the kind of mission he and the person he’s shaking hands with have in common, raising many questions about the origin of his power.

7/10 It’s hard to keep up with Garou .’s forces

One Punch Man

Despite being only human, Garou poses a threat to the entire Heroes’ Union in One Punch Man. The man is not called a Human Monster for nothing. He can sense intentions – block attacks even from his blind spots, dodge hundreds of bullets at once, and can survive each attack and live to tell the story.

Whether it’s overwhelming strength, immense durability, enhanced senses, unbeatable stamina, unstoppable speed, or enhanced adaptability, Garou possesses anything and everything in overwhelming quantity, which makes determining the extent of his powers somewhat confusing. To top it off, its cosmic form opens up a realm of possibilities that become increasingly difficult to grasp.

6/10 Mahito’s vast abilities make his powers a bit confusing

Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu KaisenMahito is a cursed ghost who was born as a result of people hating other people, and since this kind of hatred is everywhere, it makes him incredibly powerful. He has the power to manipulate the souls, and since the soul came before the body, at least according to him, with just a touch, he can also exploit bodies.

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At first glance, Mahito’s skills may seem easy to understand. Still, the sheer volume of his elaborate techniques, including Body Repel, Soul Multiplicity, and their combination, makes the magnitude of his vast abilities a little confusing. Moreover, the concept of understanding one’s innate soul just opens to the overpowered mind that is Mahito, open another can of worms.

5/10 Saitama’s unshakable strength is still a mystery

One Punch Man

Saitama’s explanation of how he got his incredible powers never matched One Punch Man fans. Getting such invincible abilities with such an average training regimen almost felt like a joke, making everyone convinced that even he didn’t know the secret of his abilities. And as a result, there were countless theories on the Internet, and many tried to justify his fractured powers as accurately as possible.

Some claimed that the One Punch Man universe mixed thoughts with reality, while some believed that the hero had met God. While the manga vaguely presented the limiter theory on the subject, any good reason for The Caped Baldy’s unbeatable power remains a puzzle for fans to solve.

4/10 The new development in one for all messes with everyone’s head

My Hero Academia

Deku’s skill, One For All, was pretty easy to understand at first, but as he started to discover new quirks in him, the concept of One For All became a little hard to keep up with for My Hero Academia fans. It all started when he was given the opportunity to use Black Whip out of the blue in his battle against the Class 1-B students, and it was nothing short of a shock.

The event provided an opportunity for Deku to get the quirks of all the previous users of One For All, and that’s what happened. However, it almost made the overall quirk difficult, with many unanswered questions, including the speculation that he might be able to leverage these abilities on his own.

3/10 Gojo’s skills are definitely not easy to understand

Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo is fittingly the strongest wizard in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, and he has a lot of cards up his sleeve to back up his title. His Cursed Energy is unparalleled, his Cursed Techniques contain unimaginable power and his Domain Expansion is one of a kind.

The powers Gojo possesses may be the strongest, but they are certainly not easy to understand. Be it Cursed Technique Lapse and Cursed Technique Reversal or their combination, Hollow Purple, all of his abilities take up a significant amount of mental space to understand what really happens in the space-time continuum when he activates them.

2/10 The skills of the Ackerman family remain a headache

Attack on Titan

Every possibility in Attack on Titan is quite easy to understand, but the power of the Ackermans hangs around like a mystery. While it can be argued that the Ackerman family possesses no special abilities, the physical ability present in each member of the family seems to be something more than a coincidence.

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Be it Mikasa’s mother or Levi’s uncle, every Ackerman is amazingly adept and overwhelmingly robust without a flaw. To add further to the haze, the Ackerman bloodline is also immune to the Founding Titan’s memory-erasing power, posing another mystery for fans to solve.

1/10 King Crimson throws everyone for a loop

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Diavolo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure possesses one of the most confusing and overwhelming skills in all anime. He has the default to use King Crimson to clear the time to 10 seconds, which becomes unbeatable when combined with his sub-standard to use Epitaph, which allows him to stare into the future, also for up to 10 seconds.

While the manga clearly states that Diavolo includes the ability to clear the time, some fans can’t help but believe that its powers are more of a time skip than clear because of the way it looks on the outside. However, no one can fully explain what happens when King Crimson is activated, as it raises a lot of questions that are too complicated to even get into.

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