10 Anime Notorious For Their Endings

Over the years, anime has had quite a few controversies and shocking moments. From major plot twists to unexpected character deaths, anime always finds a way to surprise its audience. One of the most memorable parts of any anime is the ending scene. While most take the usual “happily ever after” route, some series get creative, for better or for worse.

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Many anime titles have become infamous for their unusual endings. From sudden cliffhangers that leave fans waiting to heartbreaking deaths in the closing scene, these shocking finales have frustrated many fans over the years and put a black mark on their series’ names.

10 Clannad: After Story’s Ending Has a Controversial Retcon

clannad is a beloved anime series that is considered by many to be one of the saddest stories of all time. From the start, this series kicks off the waterworks with one tear-jerking character arc after another. However, no one can compare with the last arc in Clannad After Storywhich takes place after main character Tomoya and his girlfriend Nagisa graduate and start a life together.

clannad contains many of the saddest scenes of anime and many heartbreaking deaths that fans are still not over. However, the series has become infamous for its unexpected ending, with many of the sad moments being rethought and replaced with the typical happy ending instead. This decision leaves many fans torn, and while it’s nice to see Tomoya and Nagisa happily ever after, it takes away a lot of the previous emotions fans felt during the trip.

9 Anime ending of Death Note changes Light’s fate

It is to be expected that a series like Obituary wouldn’t have a happy ending. Most fans expected Light Yagami’s eventual death, especially those who read the manga. However, when the moment finally arrived, many felt that this villainous protagonist was easily let go.

In the manga, Light dies a humiliating and terrifying death begging Ryuk to let him live, but in the anime, he is sent away with grace and dignity that many feel he doesn’t deserve. It’s a small change, but it affects a lot of the stories and feels a lot less satisfying than seeing Light get the true punishment coming at him.

8 Cowboy Bebop’s Final Scene Still Shocks Fans Today

Up to the present day, Cowboy Bebop remains a beloved anime classic and has influenced many series since then. It’s a fun and exciting sci-fi series with a flair all of its own. While the series has no shortage of series moments, fans still couldn’t have predicted the shocking ending.

In the final fight of the series, Spike battles it out with Viscious and eventually knocks him down. Unfortunately, he is left with his own mortal wounds and the series ends with the hero collapsing to the ground. It’s not confirmed or denied whether Spike actually dies, but it’s a shocking and infamous scene nonetheless.

7 The Soul Eater Anime has a complicated ending that looks nothing like the manga

While it was once one of the best anime of the 2000s, soul eater‘s anime adaptation has become infamous among fans. This is mainly due to the confusing conclusion that adds non-canon storylines and is far removed from the plot of the manga.

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soul eaterThe manga was still going on at the time of the anime’s release, so like many before it, the series decided to come up with its own ending. Unfortunately, most fans were not happy with this choice, and many still think the soul eater anime is therefore a big disappointment.

6 The ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion is still hard for fans to understand

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an iconic 90s classic, considered one of the best mecha anime to date. Despite its fame, many viewers have dropped it in the past, all thanks to the weird and confusing turn it takes towards the end. The series starts out like any other mech, with a colorful cast of characters controlling mechs and fighting evil.

As Evangelion progresses, it becomes more and more complicated. That is, until the infamous finale, where things get weirder than ever. Many don’t understand the ending, and some even say it ruins an otherwise great series.

5 Darling In The Franxx starts strong, but drops the ball later

When it first came out, fans had high hopes for Darling in the Franxx. It was supposed to be the next great mecha series, and it was for a while. However, the series started to go downhill towards the end and by the end, fans were utterly disappointed.

Now this once beloved series is seen as one of the biggest disappointments of modern anime. many believe Darling in the Franxx rushed through his story, making the ending cheaper and leaving fans frustrated and angry.

4 Elfen Lied ends with a strange and ominous cliffhanger

During his run, Elf Song saw incredible popularity. Even years after its closure, it remained a 2000s horror classic. Looking back, however, the series struggles with many problems, including the disappointing finale.

After so much build up Elf Song‘s anime ends without even realizing the whole story. What’s worse, it leaves fans with a frustrating, confusing, and rather creepy cliffhanger that feels like an odd place to end the series. It leaves many questions unanswered, with fans to this day wondering who was standing on Kouta’s doorstep in the final scene.

3 Shocking end of school days is notorious throughout anime

Most anime fans are well aware of the infamous School days and the shocking and horrifying conclusion, but many were unaware of this twist when it first came out. The series starts out as a typical romantic life story, but it slowly turns into something much darker.

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Before anyone can even comment on this change of tone, the series shocks the entire audience with its graphic deaths at the very end. As a result of these hair-raising moments, School days has become one of the most infamous anime in history.

2 Gurren Lagann ends on a surprisingly sad note

There is no lack of tragedy in Gurren Lagann, from the deaths of beloved characters to tear-jerking backstories. However, nothing beats the shockingly sad ending to this beloved mecha classic. After the final battle is won and the universe is saved, Simon and Nia are finally reunited and can get married.

During their wedding, it seems like everything is finally okay. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse once they take their vows, and Nia disappears from existence, leaving Simon alone. It’s one of the most shocking moments in the entire series and fans still mourn the loss of Nia to this day.

1 Naruto’s unexpected conclusion sparked controversy among fans

It was big news when the Naruto anime finally came to an end. Many fans who had previously dropped the series came back just for this momentous occasion. There has been much talk over the years, with many speculating how this iconic series would end. However, no one expected the many twists and turns this finale would take, from Kaguya’s revival to Sasuke and Naruto’s final fight.

Even after the end of the war, this series had even more surprises in store. Most shocking of all was the last moment in the series, where Naruto was fully grown and married to Hinata, now with a family of his own. It was something no one expected, and not everyone agreed. To this day, it remains one of the most controversial endings in recent anime history that fans are still arguing about.

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