10 Anime Like Naruto You Must Watch

Naruto is an iconic shonen anime so well known that even those who aren’t fans of anime have probably heard of it. If you’ve been watching anime for a while, chances are you’ve come across one or two episodes of this rather elaborate show.

In fact, Naruto is considered one of the “Big Three” anime series, which also includes Bleach and One Piece. Basically, this shonen anime lasted so long and was so popular that it was almost impossible to avoid them.

The series follows Naruto Uzumaki on his journey to be accepted by his fellow villagers and become the Hokage of his village. He is banned from the village for having the spirit of the nine-tailed demonic fox in him and being a bit of a prankster too. Along the way, he makes a lot of friends and some rather formidable enemies.

Naruto consists of over 700 episodes divided into two parts, Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, and there are also 12 movies and 11 OVAs based on the series, not to mention a spin-off series that will be added later in this list. named. If you’re looking for an anime like Naruto, fear not, as there are plenty out there, and we’ve listed the best ones below.

Anime like Naruto

1. Bleach


Bleach, as mentioned above, is also one of the “Big Three” anime series. This shonen anime is packed with intense action and great characters just like Naruto. The show consists of 366 episodes and there are four movies and a live-action movie based on the series.

The show focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki, who becomes a replacement Shinigami after experiencing a tragedy when a Hollow attacks his family. He meets Soul Reaper Rukia Kichiki and takes her powers so he can track down the Hollows, protect his city, and keep the balance between the realms of the living and the dead.

If you’ve enjoyed Naruto for its captivating fight scenes, then you’ll love Bleach’s thrilling fight scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you haven’t seen this anime series yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.

2. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Obviously, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations should be on this list as it is literally a Naruto spin-off series. This canonical anime is about what happens after the events of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.

Boruto follows Naruto and Hinata’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, as well as other children of well-known characters from the previous series, including Sasuke’s daughter Sarada. The characters follow a similar growth style as Naruto and his friends during their adventures. The show also takes place in Konoha, and Boruto and his friends must try to keep the peace in the Hidden Villages after the war.

This anime features several new characters to keep it interesting, but this doesn’t detract from Naruto’s rich backstory. If you’re looking for an anime like Naruto, this is literally it and a pretty good option to pick if you weren’t already aware of it.

3. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a great show that revolves around another rowdy troublemaker, just like Naruto Uzumaki. The series aired in North America from 2002 to 2006 and contains a total of 112 episodes.

The main character of Yu Yu Hakusho is Yusuke Urameshi, a rather annoying boy. He sacrifices his own life to save that of a child, which sends him into the spirit world. The leader of the Spirit World decides to give Yusuke a second chance and sends him back to the real world as a Spirit Detective.

Together with his friend, Kuzuma, and a friendly grim Reaper, Botan, Yusuke solves alien mysteries and battles many demonic enemies. This is a great anime to watch if you miss the thrill of Naruto.

4. Tokyo Ghoulo

There’s always time for a fascinatingly dark and brooding fantasy anime centered around potential vampires called Ghouls. Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fairly modern rendition of, you guessed it, Tokyo. The show only has 12 episodes that aired in North America in 2018, but each episode is packed with suspense.

Tokyo Ghoul focuses on Ken Kaneki, a shy college student until a sinister date changes his life. After receiving organ transplants from a ghoul, Kaneki must learn to navigate his new life as a human-ghoul hybrid.

This anime offers a unique take on vampires as Ghouls look and act like humans apart from eating human flesh. The battles and storylines in Tokyo Ghoul are thrilling and compelling, keeping viewers waiting for what’s to come. If you’re looking for an easy to binge anime like Naruto, this is your show.

5. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter
Hunter X Hunter

If you’re hoping to find an anime with beautifully orchestrated fight scenes, comedic elements, and unique characters, Hunter X Hunter is the show for you. The Hunter X Hunter fan base is huge, and for good reason, as the anime has been hugely popular since it first aired in 2011. There are a total of 148 episodes and a few movie adaptations as well.

Hunter X Hunter follows a young boy named Gon Freecss, who has set his sights on becoming a great hunter just like his mysterious missing father. During Gon’s journey, he encounters great friends, such as another boy named Killua, and dastardly enemies, such as the sinister Hisoka. Like Naruto, Gon must train and work relentlessly to achieve his dream.

Both Hunter X Hunter and Naruto value friendship, hard work and determination. Those aspects aside, the fight scenes in Hunter X Hunter are definitely similar to Naruto’s. If you haven’t already, this is one anime you should definitely get started on.

6. Claymore

Claymore anime
Claymore anime

Claymore is a fantastic anime about the darker and more realistic aspects of life’s horrors. It’s another short show, with only 26 episodes airing in 2007. The anime takes place on a medieval island and is filled with a myriad of immersive battles.

This island is teeming with Yoma, these are humanoid monsters that feed on humans. Those tasked with fighting them and protecting humanity are female warriors known as Claymores, referring to the type of sword they use. Claymore’s plot centers around Claymore Number 47, known as Clare, who finds herself in the midst of a conspiracy that makes her question everything she knows.

Claymore is certainly darker than the cheerful and comical Naruto, but it is also exciting and compelling. However, there is plenty of action and a rather suspenseful plot that is sure to entertain anyone looking for an anime like Naruto.

7. One Piece

A piece
A piece

One Piece is the third pillar of the “Big Three” anime series, and it’s a pretty big pillar. The show has a huge fan base, which is no wonder, as the combination of intense action, thrilling drama and new characters keeps the audience constantly hooked. One Piece already has over 900 episodes and new episodes are still being released.

The main character is Monkey D. Luffy and he is looking to become the Pirate King. Together with his group of friendly pirate companions, he has countless adventures as he searches for the location of a legendary treasure known as the One Piece.

One Piece is absolutely expansive and completely engrossing, with the number of episodes not detracting from the storylines and plot. The show has a similar theme of overcoming obstacles with the help of your friends. If you want to get completely lost in an anime series, One Piece is the anime for you.

8. Black Clover

black clover
black clover

Black Clover is an anime with a rather intriguing storyline, which makes it incredibly satisfying to watch. The show is set in a world where almost anyone can use magic. There are 112 episodes so far and the anime is still going on, and several new episodes have been released recently.

The story follows two boys named Asta and Yuno, who have no family and have been inseparable since they grew up together. However, there is a big difference between the two as Yuno can use magic but Asta cannot. Nevertheless, both boys dream of becoming the wizard king and even form a friendly rivalry to achieve their goal.

Both Asta and Yuno begin their story as orphans and set out to become something more despite their rough beginnings, much like Naruto’s experience. If you’re looking for an anime like Naruto to fill the void left by the epic anime, you should definitely give Black Clover a watch.

9. Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Rolls

Basilisk The Kouga Ninja Rolls
Basilisk The Kouga Ninja Rolls

If you’re missing that sweet ninja action that Naruto is known for, look no further than Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. The anime aired in 2005 and has a total of 24 episodes. Viewers should be warned, however, as the show contains a lot of gore and violence and is not for the faint of heart.

Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls is set in 17th century Japan and focuses on two rival ninja clans, the Iga and Kouga. These two clans have fought relentlessly for centuries, most recently the feud being over a succession dispute for Shogun. To settle the feud once and for all, the authorities of the respective clans order a bloody royal battle between ten of the best ninjas from each clan.

This anime features incredible ninja warriors with supernatural abilities and epic fighters. It’s an absolutely captivating anime that’s so worth the binge-watch.

10. Ninku


Last but certainly not least, there is an anime that is claimed to be the original inspiration for the Naruto series. In fact, Ninku is considered the lesser-known version of Naruto by many of his fans. The show was released in 1995 and has a total of 55 episodes.

Ninku follows Fuusuke as he travels to find other ninjas from his clan and his mother. Like Naruto Uzumaki, Yuusuke is on a quest to become a more powerful and generally better warrior, which leads him to defeat other warriors trying to destroy the Ninku clan.

The anime has a fantastically compelling storyline, complete with brilliantly orchestrated action sequences. This is a great anime like Naruto that comes complete with some wonderful 90s nostalgia that any shonen anime fan is sure to enjoy.

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