10 Anime Heroes You Can’t Reason With

Usually it is considered a redeeming quality when a character can be reasoned with. It even makes them tempered and recognizable, especially since they’re not too much in their own agenda to consider a new perspective.

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However, there are some anime heroes who are so obsessed with their own ambitions that they will refuse to literally rethink anything. Their quest drives them so utterly that it sometimes puts them at odds with their own comrades. Identifying such characters makes it easier to understand how they reconcile their stubbornness with what it means to be a hero.

10 Sakura would do anything for Sasuke


Of all Naruto characters, Sakura was most devoted to Sasuk. She ignored his numerous attempts to kill her and betray the Blade, even offering to join him in his vengeful crusade at several points in the story. To this end, Sakura will refuse to compromise or listen to anyone else.

She even tried to emotionally manipulate Naruto to increase Sasuk’s chances of getting home. What she failed to realize in the midst of her obsession was that Naruto is equally devoted to him.

9 Gon will actively harm himself in pursuit of his dream

Hunter X Hunter

While Gon’s pursuit of his dream is admirable, it takes more conspiracy armor than any other Hunter X Hunter character to work. For example, he refused to back down against Hanzo, despite the man saying he would cut off his arms and legs.

Gon was equally unreasonable when Killua tried to take him away from killing Neferpitou. Torn by Kite’s death and the manipulation of the chimera ant, he placed a condition on himself that greatly increased his power and nearly cost him his life.

8 Luffy is driven by his emotions

A piece

A pieceLuffy is so dangerously driven by his emotions that it questions his credibility as a captain. In the Whiskey Peak incident, he saw Zoro attack his “hosts” and immediately came to their defense.

Despite how Zoro tried to convince him of their murderous intentions, Luffy refused to see any reason until he was interrupted by Baroque Works agents. He was equally stubborn on Whole Cake Island when he demanded that Sanji return to the crew, even though that put Zeff and everyone else on the Baratie in mortal danger.

7 Najenda’s will is law for night raid

Akame Go Kill!

As leader of Akame Go Kill’s! Night Raid organization, it takes a certain amount of stubbornness to fill the role of Najenda. However, she takes all problems to the extreme and refuses to compromise.

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For example, she forced Tatsumi into the organization after she rescued him and refused to let him go home. Najenda was also perfectly comfortable ordering her own people to their deaths, even going so far as to make them their “last meal of choice” because she was so unenthusiastic about their chances of survival. Still, Najenda doesn’t ask them to make sacrifices that she wouldn’t make herself.

6 Kenpachi’s only allegiance is to strength


Kenpachi Zaraki’s Obsession With Power Fades Bleach‘s lines between hero and villain. He sees everything as a challenge, which makes it extremely difficult for Ichigo to reason with him. To the captain, he is much more interested in a satisfying fight than in conversation and will sometimes provoke others to do so.

Kenpachi will also follow his own whims over those of the Soul Society. During the Espada arc, he planned to spare Nnoitra as he didn’t feel like killing him. No other shinigami captain had such a privilege.

5 Bakugo quickly loses his patience

My Hero Academia

From all leads in My Hero Academia, Bakugo is the hardest to reason with. He was so insecure about his power level that he had to hold back when he received his reward at the sports festival. He also has no sense of discretion, as can be seen when he lashes out at Shiagarki despite being surrounded by villains.

During the Remedial Licensing arc, Bakugo showed progress in his development as a professional. However, it’s still nearly impossible for anyone but All Might to get through to him.

4 None of Eren’s friends could change their mind about the rumble

Attack on Titan

In the beginning of Attack on TitanEren was an impressionable boy who was guided by others. During the forest hunt with Annie Leonhart, Levi told him that in some cases he had to rely on his own judgment.

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Since then, Eren has taken that advice to heart. After learning the truth about the world beyond the walls, he was convinced that the only way to ensure Eldian peace was complete global destruction. In the end, not even Mikasa or Armin could change his mind about his mission.

3 Baki excites people until they fight him


Bakis titular protagonist can be charismatic, but he is also equally arrogant. In his quest to become the world’s strongest fighter, he will actively provoke martial artists who he thinks can give him a good challenge. This got him into trouble with Oliva and Guevara, who grew tired of his behavior and knocked him out at the same time.

Despite Oliva’s attempts to reason with Baki as a professional, he continued to urge him on even from solitary confinement. In the end, even the prison guards couldn’t stop Baki from challenging Oliva to a fight.

2 Polnareff ignored the advice of his friends and almost got killed

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

It wasn’t long after Polnareff was introduced to him to prove himself as the most stubborn hero in JoJo’s bizarre adventure. He was so fixated on avenging his sister’s death that he confronted two enemy Stand users without knowing his allies or their abilities.

Polnareff’s hubris would have killed him had Avdol not been vigilant. However, he didn’t lose his sense of recklessness as evidenced by his fights against Vanilla Ice and Diavolo.

1 Inosuke can hardly be stopped

Demon Killer

Inosuke is more unreasonably aggressive than many of the monsters Tanjiro encounters in Demon slayer. Obsessed with showboating and proving himself, Inosuke acts on instinct and plunges into the middle of battle regardless of the opponent.

It took a near-death experience against Rui’s spider-demon patriarch for Inosuke to realize he was only a man. Although he admits his weakness in the hospital, he has no intention of changing his personality. Inosuke instead hopes to get stronger so that his muscle strength matches his roar.

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