10 Anime Heroes Who Are Terrible Leaders

In general, most anime heroes who take on leadership roles do their job well. This is typical because there can only be a select few individuals in authority, and protagonists cannot afford to make mistakes as underdogs.

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However, there are a handful of characters whose leadership skills have proved such an unmitigated disaster, it begs the question of why they ever got the chance to take charge. The shortcomings of some anime heroes made them incompetent to take the helm, making them debilitating to their cause.

This article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga.

10/10 Lisa Lisa horribly guided her students

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Despite teaching Hamon, Lisa Lisa was arguably the worst leader in JoJo’s bizarre adventure. She forced her students through a death trap in their very first trial, demonstrating a blatant disrespect for the academic process.

When Lisa Lisa went up against the Pillar Men, Lisa Lisa failed to prevent Caesar from running off alone and being killed. She was also manipulated into a duel by Kars and had no contingencies when he inevitably betrayed her. In the end, Joseph won out of sheer blind luck.

9/10 Hange did not meet Erwin’s expectations

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan’s Hange undeniably had a mind for science. Their invention of the thunder spears resulted directly in the victory at Shiganshina. However, when they were appointed as the new commander of the Scouts, their shortcomings soon became apparent.

For the remaining series, Hange had absolutely no control over Eren or the fledgling Yeagerist movement. They also didn’t know much about strategy, instead relying on Armin and Magath for tactical decisions. Worse, they were killed before the pivotal battle, meaning they never had a chance to redeem themselves.

8/10 Iida couldn’t control his emotions

My Hero Academia

Tenya Iida has made great strides to become class president in My hero academy. Despite his sharp mind and formal demeanor, he showed an inability to control himself in his darkest hours. After learning that Stain had hospitalized his brother, Iida tried to take the law into her own hands.

However, he was significantly out of class and lost to the vigilante in seconds. As a result, his own classmates had to save him from what would otherwise have been a brutal execution by a serial killer.

7/10 Inuyasha didn’t have the patience to lead


InuyashaThe main character in the title may have been the strongest of his group, but there were many reasons why he failed as a leader. His irascible temper, for example, constantly put him at odds with Shippo, forcing Kagome to “discipline” him. This immediately caused a break in the cohesion of the group, especially in more serious encounters.

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Worse, Inuyasha’s semi-demon state means that when he unleashes the full extent of his power, he’s not exactly the safest person to be around. Fortunately, he got to grips with his dark nature as the series progressed.

6/10 Hashirama’s kindness was a double-edged sword


As founder of naruto’s Leaf Village and the ‘god of shinobi’, you would expect Hashirama to be a shining example of leadership. Although his organizational skills were excellent, he was far too merciful to his enemies.

Besides sparing Madara time and again, he allowed him to retreat into the darkness after trying to disrupt relations between the Uchiha and Senju clans. Through his passivity, Madara managed to corrupt Obito and arrange the Forth Shinobi War well before his own death.

5/10 Jet Black had no control over his crew

Cowboy Bebop

Jet Black was technically the team leader in Cowboy Bebop. He owned the title ship of the series and tried to keep up with his crew members and find the next up-and-coming bounties. Unfortunately, Jet fails spectacularly in his duties.

Faye Valentine and Spike Spiegel both leave on a whim and don’t return until they’re done with their personal affairs. Jet vowed to punish them for their roguish behavior, though the disciplinary action he had in store for them would never hold up by the time they actually return aboard the ship.

4/10 Lelouch’s instability reflected him badly

Code Geass

Despite being presented as a tactical mastermind, Code GeassLelouch failed spectacularly as a leader. There were many instances where his sister’s safety was more important than the Black Knights, which caused dissension in their ranks.

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Lelouch was only remotely as successful as he was because he could brainwash allies and enemies to do his bidding. However, this doesn’t necessarily make him a great leader – just an extremely powerful one. When the Geass was discovered, it completely shattered the trust Lelouch’s allies placed in him and caused them to ally with Britannia.

3/10 Meliodas called in his team

Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas was the Seven Deadly Sins’ protagonist and the captain of his titular team. Despite Meliodas leading them in previous wars against the demonic clan, Meliodas’ demonic nature proved to be a greater liability than an asset.

Besides the people of Britannia distrusting him more than they otherwise would, it later turned him against the Sins themselves. Without Escanor’s tremendous strength and fortitude, it’s hard to say what Meliodas would have done after losing control to the Demon King.

2/10 Joseph Joestar did not manage the Crusaders well

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar’s inability to keep his team together and anticipate the unexpected were major problems. It proved nearly fatal against Alessi, who managed to isolate and nearly kill Polnareff while distracting the rest of the group.

To Joseph’s credit, his Stand was useful in gathering information about DIO’s whereabouts, and his connections to the Speedwagon Foundation helped heal Kakyoin’s eyes. Regardless, Joseph’s utter ignorance to the world of Stands almost spelled certain doom for the cast, as evidenced by their battle against Death 13.

1/10 Luffy is the dangerously irresponsible captain of The Straw Hats

A piece

While certainly an exceptional fighter and charismatic person, A pieceLuffy’s a bad leader. He will often act impulsively, deploying his crew on dangerous missions, even for the most arbitrary targets. One of the most famous examples of Luffy’s irresponsibility is when he took the challenge from the Foxy Pirates.

He didn’t even know what the Davy Back Games were or if they could cost him a crew member. Worse, he agreed to a second round even after discovering their terms and despite having nothing in return.

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