10 Anime Characters Who Would Rather Be Feared Than Loved

In general, most people would rather be loved than feared. It allows one to efficiently get what they want from others with the added benefit of not having to worry about conspiring against. However, there are dozens of anime characters who believe otherwise. They hope to force their opponents into submission, often using unnatural abilities.

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Some are so efficient at spreading fear and discord that they have become the most powerful people in their respective worlds. The personal philosophies of these characters drive them to make others afraid of them.

10 Eren didn’t trust the outside world (attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan‘s Eren Yeager thought fear was the only way to ensure Eldian’s safety. He wasn’t convinced that there was such a thing as reasoning with the outside world that it created a rift between himself and the other heroes.

To Eren’s credit, fear of the Rumbling was the only reason Marley didn’t attack them early on. It also explained the Warriors’ infiltration, as they hoped to secure Paradis’ only way to fight back against them.

9 Lelouch carried out his plans in anonymity (Code Geass)

While Code GeassLelouch may have been loved by his school and sister, he took a very different approach to warfare. He led the Black Knights under the alias of ‘Zero’ and constantly wore a mask so that no one knew his identity.

Lelouch was so secretive that he preferred not to tell anyone about his Geass, how it worked or who he was. Even those who risked their lives for him again and again could not know his secret, because he found strength and security in anonymity. In the end, Lelouch wanted his people to obey him, even though their trust was not guaranteed.

8 Sasuke wanted to unite the world in fear (Naruto)

As Sasuke got older, his philosophies became more terrifying. After learning the truth behind the Uchiha massacre, he hoped the five nations of . to unite Naruto in hatred and servitude to him.

To secure his new reign, Sasuke hoped to take advantage of the infinite tsukuyomi by killing the captive kage in their sleep. However, Naruto stopped him before he could unleash this new world order, finally rehabilitating him and making Team Seven whole again.

7 Akainu Was the Dreaded Fleet Admiral of the Marines (One Piece)

A piece’s Akainu cared little about what others thought of him, as long as they obeyed orders. The only thing he hated more than pirates were disloyal Marines, as seen in the killing of a soldier in the street for fleeing Whitebeard’s forces.

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Since then, Akainu has taken steps to prove that he is a man worthy of becoming a fleet admiral. He brutalized Aokiji on the island now known as Punk Hazard and actively keeps an eye on each of the four emperors. Akainu is so determined to spread World Government dominance that he tried to exploit the Wano conflict.

6 Diavolo Was A Feared Crime Kingpin (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Unlike most of the great villains in JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureDiavolo made no attempt to seduce his followers with notions of love or honor. Instead, he ruled them from the shadows of his criminal empire and manipulated them like puppets to carry out his will.

Since Diavolo tried to use Team Bucciarati to kill Trish, there is no price too high for him to maintain his anonymity and fearsome reputation. Diavolo’s “King Crimson” Stand makes him even more mysterious and intimidating given his time-destroying abilities.

5 Bakugo wanted respect through fear (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo was not like most students out My Hero Academia. He made no show of saving people, nor showed any particular interest in the welfare of his classmates. Instead, his only interest was to become the strongest student there was, often antagonizing his peers toward this goal.

Given how often Bakugo lashes out at Deku and others for alleged disregard for his character, it’s clear that Bakugo especially appreciates being intimidating. This was proven when he beat Deku on the street, all to prove that he was still UA’s number one student.

4 Genthru was a threat to Greed Island (Hunter X Hunter)

Genthru was one of the most despicable characters in Hunter X Hunter and the main antagonist of Greed Island. He would do anything to get more cards, whether he slaughtered a roomful of people or maimed Gon.

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He often did this by telling them that he had turned them into bombs and hoped for their obedience. Although he was accompanied by two loyal henchmen, Genthru showed no particular sympathy for any of them. In his mind, they were just tools to help him complete his collection.

3 Aizen was the heartless leader of the Espada (bleach)

Bleach‘s Aizen was a man few liked. In addition to betraying his former shinigami allies, he showed an equally great apathy towards his new Espada henchmen. He didn’t hesitate when he took down Tier Harribel and sent a powerful message to his other minions about what happens when they aren’t efficient enough.

According to Aizen, he doesn’t need to be loved because he has the power to make people respect him. His spiritual pressure is powerful enough to kill an ordinary person by just coexisting with them, and his zanpakuto is one of the strongest in the series.

2 Yujiro loved terrifying people with his power (Baki)

The strongest fighter in the Bakic universe, Yujiro was a beast of a man. Governments around the world were so afraid of him that they followed him with satellites, and he could threaten the President of the United States without any repercussions.

Given his unchecked power, Yujiro doesn’t need any henchmen. Instead, he just roams the earth doing what he wants while Baki trains to defeat him. Given how strong his father is, Baki is one of the few people brave enough to try and conquer Yujiro as the world’s greatest martial artist.

1 Light spread fear through the alias of Kira (Death Note)

Obituary‘s Light Yagami spread fear and chaos through the murders he committed under the alias “Kira”. He became so prolific that even the Japanese Task Force hesitated to accuse him of anything. After all, L was unable to survive regardless of his great intellect, and they were far less skilled than him.

Over time, entire movements grew in support of Light and its purge of “social corruption.” What they failed to understand was that Light had developed such a god complex that he was perfectly comfortable becoming a murderer himself if it meant keeping his secret identity.

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