10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Great Bond Villains

James Bond is the most successful spy franchise in history. With films spanning over fifty years, 007 has quickly become a household name synonymous with high-stakes missions, fast cars and shaken martinis. Perhaps the most beloved aspect of the franchise are the villains.

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They have many defining features to constantly entice the public, such as complex arms-trading businesses, intentions to cause war, and notoriously treacherous underground hideouts. Interestingly, several anime characters could make a fitting antagonist to James Bond – they fit these archetypes perfectly and would love to be put on Bond’s radar.

10/10 Vicious was the leader of the syndicate

Cowboy Bebop

vicious wax Cowboy Bebopmain opponent. After usurping the elders, he became the leader of a notorious crime syndicate and planned to expand his influence even further. Since Vicious fights primarily with a sword, he has both the motives and the eccentricity to make a suitable Bond villain.

Unlike Spike, 007 would probably manage to avoid capture by infiltrating his compound and killing him, rather than looting it outright. Ultimately, Bond’s discretion ensures his saving grace.

9/10 Charles was a determined imperialist

Code Geass

Charles was the ruler of Britannia and the main antagonist in Code Geass. His imperial plans spanned the globe, making him a warlord Bond couldn’t ignore. While Bond may not have his own Geass to oppose Charles, he is more than capable of avoiding eye contact.

Since Q would have informed him of the villain’s nature in advance, he would be in a significantly better position than Lelouch when they first met. Bond’s best chance at surviving the British Empire is to acquire a Nightmare of Geass of his own.

8/10 DIO has accomplices all over the world

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

DIO from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has an excellent foundation for a compelling Bond villain. He has a secret lair, a haughty attitude, an evil plan involving Heaven itself, and henchmen around the world to keep Bond’s quest interesting.

The vampire’s servants are so loyal to them that it closely resembles the SPECTER organization.

This means that Bond would have to choose his approach carefully, especially if he were to infiltrate one of DIO’s many meetings with his servants. Nevertheless, Bond would tip the scales in his favor if he purchases a Stand arrow, as his willpower is extraordinary.

7/10 Crocodile Tried to Overthrow a Kingdom

A piece

It could reasonably be argued that A piece‘s Crocodile is inspired by a Bond villain. He has everything the franchise can hope for, from a sinister code name to plans to acquire a super weapon.

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What makes Crocodile an exceptional prospect is that he has an underground lair, complete with huge creatures. It would be the perfect setup for him to capture Bond, a monologue about how he will use a bomb to destroy Alabasta, and leave before his opponent is actually killed. Given his weakness for water, it’s also surprisingly possible for Bond to take him down.

6/10 Bond would expose Bradley’s corruption plot

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist‘s King Bradley was the leader of Amestris, meaning he has a significant political advantage over Bond. The cop would probably have to go rogue to take him down, though thankfully he has shown the aptitude to put moral responsibility over legal duty.

Bradley lives up to many of the standards for a traditional Bond villain. He has great ambition, legions of loyal henchmen and even a cool eye patch to emphasize just how mean he really is.

5/10 Gato was a crime queen who sabotaged nations


As the most realistic antagonist of the Naruto universe, Gato would be a big rival for Bond. His criminal enterprise makes attacking other countries a priority for him, which would attract the attention of the agent. Additionally, Gato follows the classic Bond trope of having a powerful bodyguard, as seen by Zabuza.

Since Bond has no jutsu, his best plan would be to avoid the mercenary altogether and target his master. The second Gato dies, Zabuza would lose interest as he is no longer paid for his work.

4/10 Willy Tybur was an influential Marleyan aristocrat

Attack on Titan

Willy Tybur was Marley’s shadowy leader in Attack on Titan. Despite being an Eldian, he pulled the strings from the shadows, making him responsible for many of the country’s wars.

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Gentle and charismatic, Willy and Bond would probably have a cordial relationship when they met. Either way, that wouldn’t negate the threat Willy poses to Britain through his army of Eldians and titan shifters, meaning he must be eliminated as soon as possible. The longer Willy lives, the more time he has to put everyone on his side.

3/10 Amon was the leader of a dangerous terrorist group

Legend of Korra

While Bond usually makes enemies with warlords and arms dealers, he’s also not above fighting terrorists. Legend of Korra’s Amon would make a perfect villain if he pursues political gain through violence and coercion.

Between Amon’s alias, legions of dark-clad minions and brilliant martial arts, he’d make a fantastic super villain for the spy to conquer. However, Bond must catch Amon by surprise, or else he could fall victim to bloodbending.

2/10 Light Nostrande was an influential member of the Yorknew Crime Families

Hunter X Hunter

Light Nostrade was one of the most influential members of Hunter X Hunter’s Yorknew Crime Families. He recruited a legion of various bodyguards to protect him. Baise is arguably the biggest obstacle for Bond, as he is often overrun by femme fatales.

In addition, the Yorknew Black Market auction would be a great opportunity for Bond to gather information about Nostrade. By compiling a list of the illegal goods, he would have a better estimate of the crime families. Now that the Phantom Troupe has taken out the Shadow Beasts, there is nothing left to protect Nostrade from justice.

1/10 Re-Destro is an industry tycoon who secretly plans to overthrow society

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia‘s Re-Destro is a glove that fits when it comes to Bond tropes. Though a wealthy business tycoon, he has ties to a criminal organization seeking to overthrow a nation by force.

Furthermore, Re-Destro’s Meta Liberation Front offers Bond a wide range of insidious yet manageable villains that he can defeat during his mission. Like Willy, Bond would have to watch out for getting into Re-Destro as he has to substantiate claims of his guilt before attacking him.

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