10 Anime Characters Who Love Gossip

The best thing about anime is how diverse the stories can be. While one anime is about saving the world from evil, the other is about the drama of romance. These situations are great for drawing fans to any new anime series, but the drama is also a great way to feed the more gossipy characters.

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Most anime characters prefer to stay out of drama, but there are also those who crave the chaos. These characters want to know everything that is happening in the lives of their friends and family, even if that means spying on them or watching from a distance.

10/10 Ashido is obsessed with love

My Hero Academia

Ashido van My Hero Academia is obsessed with love. She goes crazy at the idea that there is a romance between those around her, including her teacher Aizawa who receives a fake proposal from Joke. Since Uraraka is clearly in love with Midoriya, she is usually the victim of Ashido’s prodding.

Ashido even speculates that All Might and Midnight were secretly dating when the two came to class together. If one of the members of Class 1-A does get together, Ashido will probably be the first to know and the first to tell everyone in the class about it.

9/10 Botan almost says to Yukina about her brother

Yu Yu Hakusho

Being a Grim Reaper must be pretty boring considering all the time Botan spends spying on her friends. She is especially obsessed with Yusuke’s relationship with Keiko and teases him relentlessly about it. During Yu Yu Hakushos Dark Tournament Arc, she even spies on an intimate moment between the two.

Yusuk even calls her out for trying to get entertainment out of their relationship. She also nearly spills the beans about Yukina’s relationship with Hiei. The fact that Hiei had to threaten her not to reveal his secret shows how much Botan likes to gossip.

8/10 Sokka gets caught up in the gossip

Avatar The Last Airbender

sokka van Avatar the last airbender doesn’t seem like the gossip type at first. He is a strong warrior who spends most of his time training or defending himself against soldiers of the Fire Nation. However, when he has free time, he is not afraid to put himself in a situation so that he can discover what goes on behind the scenes.

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When Team Avatar encounters two warring tribes known as the Zhang and the Gan Jin. in the episode “The Great Divide”, Sokka spends the night gossiping about the Gan Jin tribe with the Zhangs. Sokka is so entranced by the Zhangs stories about the Gan Jins that he even begins to hate the Gan Zins themselves, showing the downsides of what happens when characters gossip about other people.

7/10 Urd gossip about her sisters

Ah! my goddess

Urd likes to think she’s the most mature goddess Ah! my goddess but she certainly doesn’t behave that way. She is constantly arguing with her younger sister Skuld and when it comes to Belldandy’s relationship with Keiichi, she has to constantly get involved.

For the most part, Urd helps her sisters when they really need someone to lean on, but she tends to gossip about them at the worst times. When Skuld lies about the fact that she already had an angel, like her older sisters, to a boy she likes, Urd reveals her secret. Fortunately, all will be well for Sculd, but spreading that information about her could have backfired on Urd.

6/10 Usagi is a bad friend

Sailor Moon

Usagi can be the guardian sailor moon, but she’s also a typical teenage girl with typical teenage girl obsessions. She loves all things cute, and she especially loves fluttering about her friends’ cute outfits and accessories. Her obsessive tendencies tend to backfire when it comes to gossip.

This is especially evident when she sees Rei on a date with Mamoru in the original series. Not only does she follow them, but she spies on them their entire date. She even discusses the details of the date with her boyfriend Umino, which isn’t the nicest way for Usagi to deal with her jealousy. She may like Mamoru, but it’s wrong of her to talk about Rei behind her back.

5/10 Yuki is a chatterbox

Today in Class 5-2

Yuki is one of the sweetest girls in Today in class 5-2, but she’s also a bit of an airhead. She tends to talk without thinking, which leads to her being labeled a chatterbox. She also really enjoys learning other people’s secrets, which inevitably turns her into a huge gossip.

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After the physical class, she even tells two of her male classmates that another girl in their class, Megumi, doesn’t eat much because she is concerned about her weight. Yuki realizes that spreading this information will lead to her being called a gossip again, but that certainly doesn’t stop her from telling everyone anyway.

4/10 Inuyasha uses his hearing to get all the gossip


Inuyasha may not be the biggest gossip, but he makes good use of his excellent hearing. It is impossible to have a private conversation when Inuyasha is around because he is listening in. He is also not afraid to admit that he has been spying on his friends.

However, his worst gossip happens about jealousy. After spying on Koga, Inuyasha goes back to Kagome and tells her everything he’s heard to make Koga look bad. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, this doesn’t work in his favor and instead makes Kagome mad at him.

3/10 Isshin is a meddling father


Isshin is a secret Soul Reaper and the craziest dad in Bleach. If his sneaky attacks weren’t bad enough, he also tends to meddle when it comes to his kids. Yuzu and Karin get the worst of it, but even Ichigo isn’t immune.

During the Arrancar arc, Isshin and his daughter Yuzu spy on Ichigo through his door, only stopping when Ichigo forces them to. Isshin also tends to talk to Karin and Yuzu about Ichigo when he’s not around, which annoys Ichigo immensely. When Ichigo disappears during his training with the Vizards, Isshin speculates with Karin and Yuzu about all the riotous things Ichigo is likely to do.

2/10 Bakugo is always there when secrets are spilled

My Hero Academia

Bakugo may pretend to be above all else, but he’s also a master when it comes to eavesdropping on private conversations. During the sports festival, he is the only other person to learn about Todoroki’s past and that’s mainly because he hides behind a corner during the entire conversation between Midoriya and Todoroki.

The OVA for MHA World Hero Mission even jokes that Bakugo is constantly listening to other people’s conversations by growing his ears the more he listens.

1/10 Tatsu likes to spend time with the local ladies

The Housekeeper’s Way

Although Tatsu van The Housekeeper’s Way is a former Yakuza, he is not afraid of the daily duties that come with being a house man.

He is perfectly happy cleaning the house, cooking and even running errands. One of his favorite pastimes is attending a workout class with other women who live in his neighborhood. Not only does he get excellent practice, but he can hear all the great gossip from the other women who attend his class.

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