10 Anime Characters Who Look Like They Should Be Older

Anime is known for playing fast and loose with the notion of age. One of the medium’s stereotypes is that certain characters who look young are actually much older. However, the opposite can also be true, with young characters showing traits of someone who’s been around a few times.

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It could be a child who has grown up way too quickly, or someone with gray, tired features who is just a teenager. Sometimes it can take a significant amount of mental gymnastics to believe that these anime characters are really the age they claim to be.

10 Mikasa looks like a veteran

Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman delivers such an incredible performance with her vertical maneuvering gear that it’s hard to believe she’s only 15 years old in Season 1 of Attack on Titan. While it’s possible that someone of that age would make a great acrobat, it’s the way Mikasa competes against Titans that makes her look older than she really is.

Mikasa’s demeanor is pensive and withdrawn because of the many horrors she has endured, which undoubtedly aged her mentally. Her lack of fear is befitting of a veteran soldier, not a mid-teenager.

9 Kotaro is wise beyond his years

Kotaro lives alone

The parents of four-year-old Kotaro who abandoned him meant that he had to grow up too quickly. In Kotaro lives aloneKotaro lives alone in an apartment complex and although there are adults around who help him with certain things, he mainly has to take care of himself.

Kotaro learned to cook, do his own laundry and do his own shopping. And although Kotaro likes to draw and watch cartoons, he is wise beyond his age. He often advises other children and even adults on how to behave.

8 Kino is a seasoned traveler at just 15

Kino’s journey

In Kino’s Journey, Kino travels alone – except for her talking motorcycle, Hermes. She has been to many countries and met all kinds of people while using her excellent survival skills. Such a lifestyle would be daunting even for many adults, but Kino is only 15 years old.

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Kino is adept at close combat and using rifles and sniper rifles. She is also an experienced hunter. Some 15-year-olds can’t even do their own laundry, let alone hunt for their own food. Taking into account her knowledge and stoicism, Kino could easily pass for someone in his mid-twenties or older.

7 Seiichi has the mental toughness of a professional

Prince of tennis

Most characters in Prince of tennis it looks like they’re in high school instead of high school, but Seiichi Yukimura stands out because he looks a lot older than he is. Known as ‘The Child of God’, Seiichi is only 14 years old, yet he exhibits the hallmarks of someone much older, most notably discipline and incredible mental strength.

Seiichi, one of the Big Three, looks like he could at least be a sophomore in college. Off the field, Seiichi is gentle, calm and quiet, which is not typical of a boy his age.

6 Stiyl Magnus could be in his twenties

A certain magic index

There are several things about Stiyl Magnus from: A certain magic index who belies his age of 14. There’s the earrings, the smoking, the facial tattoo, the dyed hair, and his height. But the way Stiyl acts is also beyond his age. Although he has a short temper, he has a degree of maturity that surpasses many of those older than him.

These attributes would make it easy to assume Stiyl was at least in his twenties. Perhaps the one thing about Stiyl he has in common with an average 14-year-old is his physical weakness.

5 Yoko is not your average 14 year old

Gurren Lagann

Aside from the obvious, there are many aspects of Yoko Littner out of it: Gurren Lagann making her look much older than just 14 years old. Everything about her, from her attitude and maturity to her survival skills to her prowess with a gun, speaks of a woman, not a teenage girl.

Fans see Yoko as a woman after that Gurren Lagann jumps seven years into the future. But the 14-year-old version of Yoko could have easily been used as the 21-year-old version and it would have seemed completely normal.

4 Leorio Paladiknight is a teen in a man’s body

Hunter x Hunter

With the glasses, suit and hair swept back, Leorio Paladiknight looks like he’s in his mid-thirties. In fact, the Rookie Hunter is only 19 years old when he makes his debut in Hunter x Hunter.

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Leorio’s stubbornness, voice, height, and physique make it easy to mistake him for an older man, as some characters have. He also shows maturity in his ambition to become a great doctor and is loyal and reliable. It takes quite a bit of suspension of disbelief to believe that Leorio is still a teenager.

3 Gamagori looks twice as old

Killed La Killed

Ira Gamagori out Killed La Killed is only 20 years old, but looks like he could easily be in his forties. It’s not just his muscular physique and thick eyebrows that make him look older.

Gamagori, one of the Elite Four of the Student Council, is very serious and doesn’t act like someone in his early twenties. As the head of the disciplinary committee, he is so committed to upholding the law that he is known for killing those who break the law and making an example of them by displaying their corpses.

2 Genta can pretend to be an adult

Detective Conan

A look at Genta Kojima from Detective Conan and it would be easy to assume that he is an adult, or at least a teenager. But Genta is actually seven years old, the same age as Conan.

Anyone watching the show for the first time may think he’s an undercover cop, but he’s just a kid who loves to eat. While Genta’s brash personality may not stray too far from that of a typical 7-year-old, his appearance makes his age hard to believe, especially when the people around him are much smaller and thinner.

1 Jonathan Joestar and other JoJos look significantly older

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Even when Jonathan Joestar is pictured as a 12-year-old at the beginning of this year JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, he looks like he could be in his twenties. Years later in the story, when Jotoro is 20, he looks more like a man in his thirties.

It’s not just Jonathan who doesn’t look that old – pretty much every JoJo looks older than they actually are. This is because they all have strong chiseled features and a muscular physique, especially Jotaro Kujo who is incredibly well built for a 17 year old.

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