10 anime characters who can rival guts in Berserk

BerserkThe main star is the shaggy swordsman-mercenary known only as Guts, a battle-hardened warrior who loves to take on all challengers, be it humans, apostles or anything in between. At various times in his life, Guts tried to adopt a lone wolf mentality, but in reality, Guts does better when he is at a party, including rivals.

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Unofficially, Griffith was Guts’ rival in the Golden Age storyline, and in later arcs it seemed that Guts had no real equal, and certainly no rival to propel him. Now that will all change, and a variety of Guts-esque anime heroes and villains will arrive in the world of Berserk to serve as Guts’ one true rival and bring out the best in him.

10 Captain Kenpachi Zaraki will duel guts at any time (bleach)

In some ways, squad 11 captain Kenpachi Zaraki is the guts of the Bleach universe, a tough swordsman who knows only one thing: war. He roamed the most impoverished and violent regions of the Rukon district, improving his skills with countless duels until he finally became a Soul Reaper.

Kenpachi is a deadly and incredibly durable swordsman, able to survive most of his enemies in battle while laughing at his wounds. He could be Guts’ semi-friendly rival in Berserkwander through Midland and challenge Guts to see how much stronger Guts has become.

9 Thorkell will gladly face guts in battle (Vinland Saga)

Gray Viking veteran Thorkell looks like: Bleach‘s Kenpachi, a powerful, enthusiastic fighter who thinks that fighting people is the best hobby in the world. He’s always eager to face new challengers, and he’ll be disappointed if he kills them too quickly.

Thorkell could certainly keep the Golden Age Guts on their toes, stalking Midland with his mercenaries and challenging the best members of the Band of the Hawk in deadly combat. Guts won’t find it easy to fend off Thorkell and his twin axes.

8 Ban can do this all day long (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Some members of the Seven Deadly Sins would be strange opponents to Guts, such as the curious artificial creature Gowther or the lazy, plant-using fairy king, but the immortal melee warrior Ban is a different story. He was Meliodas’ tireless rival for years and now it’s Guts’ turn.

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Ban is a fierce but fair martial artist who loves a good fight, and he knows that constant sparring is a good way to keep his skills sharp. This tireless warrior would be a close rival to Guts in the Golden Age, challenging him time and again on the many battlefields of Midland.

7 Akaza is the new Apostle rival to Guts (Demon Slayer)

The martial artist’s demon named Akaza may remind anime fans of characters like Grimmjow from Bleach or maybe Hisoka Morow from Hunter x Hunter. Akaza is a combative devil who encourages his enemies to do their best so that the fight is much more fun, like when he clashed with Kyojuro Rengoku.

Akaza isn’t as friendly as characters like Ban or even Kenpachi, but as an unfriendly rival, he can push Guts to his limits in later storylines where Guts is significantly stronger. With his dragon slayer and berserker armor, Guts was able to take on Akaza and really put his berserker armor to the test.

6 Dracule Mihawk Needs a New Challenge (One Piece)

The world of A piece features plenty of memorable shonen rivalries, including the swordsmanship rivalry between the Straw Hat pirate Roronoa Zoro and the infamous Dracule Mihawk, the world’s greatest swordsman. For years, Dracule seemed to have no equal, but now he’s going up against Guts.

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Dracule Mihawk is an extraordinary swordsman, but even he has not seen the dragon slayer before, nor has he seen a devil fruit that can do what the berserker armor does. If Dracule somehow ends up in Midland, he and Guts can test each other a few times to see who really is the best swordsman in the world.

5 Benimaru has to beat guts to impress Rimuru (that time I was reincarnated as slime)

The OP isekai hero Rimuru Tempest has many allies under his command, including the ogre swordman Benimaru, one of the few survivors of his tribe. Benimaru now loyally serves Rimuru along with his little sister Shuna, and he could impress both of them if he defeated Guts in battle.

Benimaru’s superhuman strength and black fire magic will make him a fine match for Guts’ dragon slayer sword and berserker armor, and they can clash as rivals again and again to see who is the best. Guts would greatly respect Benimaru, but he would refuse to ever give in to him.

4 Aoi Todo is Guts’ new brother in battle (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The burly sorcerer’s student Aoi Todo takes neither swords nor armor into battle, nor does he need them. Unlike Guts and Casca, Aoi relies on his bare fists and his powerful cursing wizardry to win the day, and he can perform moves that would surprise even Guts.

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Aoi Todo loves a good rival who can push him, and today it’s Guts. Aoi would ask Guts what his ideal wife is like, and then Aoi would love to punch “my brother” over and over in deadly fights. Guts would find Aoi annoying, but he would also recognize him as a real rival to keep him on his toes.

3 Might Guy Is Guts’ New Friendly Rival (Naruto)

In the Golden Age, where Guts was usually in a relatively good mood, he might end up with the flamboyant Might Guy as a friendly rival who can challenge him like never before. Maybe Guy can find work in Midland as a bodyguard or assassin, and soon enough he’ll hear about the Band of the Hawk.

Corkus, Judeau and Pippin wouldn’t last very long against taijutsu expert Might Guy in battle, but Guts could try. If Might Guy holds back, the two could benefit greatly from this respectful rivalry.

2 Jonathan Joestar helps guts stay sharp (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Guts doesn’t have a Stand of their own, but in all fairness, neither does Jonathan Joestar, so they’ll make good rivals if they ever cross paths in the kingdom of Midland. Jonathan is a powerful and fearless young man, just like Guts, and they could be great rivals in the days of the Golden Age.

Jonathan, like Might Guy, could find work in Midland as a bodyguard or perhaps as a city security chief. If he and Guts met, they would amaze the crowd with their bare knuckles, and they would continue to meet occasionally to test each other repeatedly. They are a good match in the boxing ring.

1 Erza Scarlet Must Cross Blades With Guts (Fairy Tail)

Most characters in Fairy tale have the wrong personality or fighting style to be Guts’ rival, but Erza Scarlet, the S-ranked swordsman, is a different story. Tough, honorable, fair and fearless as a friend and warrior, Erza would certainly remind Guts of Casca.

In the Golden Age, Erza would also have a sword for hire in Midland, and she would love to face her true equal, Guts, in one duel after another as the eager crowd watches. Even Griffith can pick up some new ideas or strategies as Erza fights Guts in those matches.

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