10 anime characters everyone takes for granted

There are so many new anime airing every season that it’s hard to keep up with all the characters. Side characters in particular tend to get left out, overshadowed by other characters on their own show. However, some of these characters are so awesome that they grab fans’ attention and deserve to be talked about more, even if they’re from older shows.

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While not as popular, many fans still agree that these side characters, and certain main characters, are some of the most underrated characters in anime. Their personalities, heroism and even flaws can make them gems among the sea of ​​anime characters.

10 Chiriko “Tsuruko” Tsurumi Hides Her Feelings

Anohana: The flower we saw that day

Chiriko “Tsuruko” Tsurumi is one of the founding members of the Super Peace Busters in Anohana: The flower we saw that day. Tsuruko is extremely intelligent, yet she hovers in the background. Even when she attends a prestigious high school as a teenager, Tsuruko still hides behind Atsumu “Yukiatsu” Matsuyuki.

Although she has lived through the same tragedy as her friends, Tsuruko’s feelings are never talked about much. Fans also only find out later that Tsuruko has had a crush on Yukiatsu all these years. Tsuruko deserves to be in the spotlight more so that her intelligence and her emotional depth can come to the fore.

9 Minori Kushieda deserves more attention from fans


While Ryuji Taksu and Taiga Aisaka fall in love, Minori Kushieda is incredible in the background. Although the story of Toradora! revolves around Ryuji and Taiga, Kushieda is subtly the star of the show. Her energetic personality and love for life make her one of the best characters.

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Despite this, many fans rarely talk about her. Taiga usually steals the spotlight when discussing Toradora!, but that doesn’t make Kushieda any less of a great character. Her fierce work ethic and staunch loyalty make her one of the best anime characters. More people should recognize Kushieda for her sacrifice to make her best friend happy.

8 Connie Springer offers a lot to the team

Attack on Titan

Connie Springer is one of the original 104th members of the Cadet Corps in Attack on Titan. While Connie isn’t the most talented Scout member, he still holds his own against the Titans. Connie is also compassionate when it comes down to it, and can be relied upon to get a job done.

Connie deserves more attention because of his increasing skills as a soldier and his keen eye for observation. Plus, his friendship with Sasha is one of the most healthy relationships in the entire show. Connie is a complex character who trusts his instincts and does what he thinks is best.

7 Frankie Franklin does as much as Twilight

Spy x Family

Frankie Franklin is an informant for secret agent Twilight in Spy x Family. Despite this, Frankie often gets involved in Twilight’s missions. Though often reluctant, he still faces challenges with a smile and performs his duties with the grace and flair necessary to distract the enemy and gain valuable information.

Frankie is one of the few people Twilight can trust, but is often treated like a random citizen. Thankfully, Frankie has the courage to take it all in and passively hit back at Twilight whenever he can – like when he played the villain in Anya’s game, Frankie should be recognized for all the extra work he does to get Twilight out of trouble. to keep .

6 Jack is a good friend


Jack is Legoshi’s best friend and only confidant in beastars. His cheerful side stands in stark contrast to Legoshi’s somber personality, but they balance each other out. Jack is very understanding of Legoshi’s problems and even overhears him when he discovers Legoshi’s feelings for a dwarf rabbit named Haru.

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Jack always does his best to keep Legoshi out of trouble, even on his worst days. Considering all the horrible things many of the other students in Cherryton do, Jack’s tireless efforts to be a friend are a refreshing change. Jack is a character that deserves recognition from the fandom.

5 Rossiu was as good as Kamina

Gurren Lagann

Although Kamina and Simon were brothers connected by an incredible bond in Gurren LagannRossiu was equally adept at driving Gurren. Though it took a while for Simon and Rossiu to combine, Rossiu still managed to take down Beastmen with as much frequency as Kamina.

In addition, although he made some regrettable choices as a consultant, Rossiu grew up to continue Kamina’s legacy of freedom and peace throughout the galaxy. Rossiu may have made some terrible decisions as an adult in charge, but that doesn’t take away from his piloting skills and his leadership abilities later in life.

4 Yuri Plisetsky is a rising star

Yuri!!! on ice

although a lot of Yuri!!! on ice is focused on Yuri Katsuki and his journey, many seem to put Yuri “Yurio” Plisetsky aside. However, Yurio is a much better skater than Yuri, and at such a young age. The fifteen-year-old has a raw talent for kicks and works just as hard to impress Victor Nikiforov as Yuri.

Yurio deserves more attention from fans, because of his dedication to the sport he loves. Although he starts the show with a bad attitude, he realizes the mistake of his ways and changes his outlook. In addition, Yurio managed to get a gold medal over Yuri in the last competition.

3 Mashirao Ojiro is a strong hero

My Hero Academia

Mashirao Ojiro is one of the students of class 1-A at UA High in My Hero Academia. While his Quirk isn’t as flashy as many of the others, it proves his strength and intelligence. After all, he reached the most prestigious class with only a tail as his Quirk.

Ojiro is kind and incredibly hardworking. He always makes sure to improve himself so that he can be the best hero possible. Ojiro never shies away from a challenge and always makes saving others his top priority. Ojiro needs to be talked about more because he is a truly chivalrous hero.

2 Suki is underused

Avatar: The Last Airbender

As leader of the Kyoshi Warriors in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Suki is a strong and capable young woman who knows the importance of hard work. Her diligent training and faithfulness to tradition also reflect how committed she is to what she does. This is why, when Suki returned and joined the Gaang, fans didn’t see much of her in action.

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Suki is a great fighter, but she is often pushed aside to show Aang, Katara, Toph and even Zuko’s bending glasses. Although the show was only for a limited time when Suki got there, many fans would have liked to see more of her and Sokka’s romance as well.

1 Momiji Sohma stood up for Tohru

fruit basket

Momiji Sohma is a member of the Sohma family who is cursed with the Rabbit Zodiac in fruit basket. Momiji has an outgoing personality and a unique sense of style that sets him apart from the rest of his family. Although he often looks happy on the outside, Momiji has many things on his mind, including his feelings for Tohru Honda.

Tohru’s kindness and empathy for the Sohmas endear her to many members of the family, especially Momiji. Because he has to pretend to be happy for most of his life, he finds it comforting to share his grief candidly with Tohru. Others feel the same way, but Momiji is the only one who stands up for Tohru when it counts. Momiji’s courage and compassion are truly inspiring, making him one of the best characters that should not be taken for granted.

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